Modified Toyota Innova with DC-style lounge for sale [Video]

Toyota Innova is one of the most loved MPVs in the country. It has been in the country for over a decade and the main reason behind its popularity is the comfort, reliability and low cost of maintenance. Innova is not available in the market anymore as it was replaced with more premium looking Crysta. Innova is a fairly spacious MPV and because of that lot of modification options are available in the market too. One of the most common type of modification seen in the market is converting the rear cabin of Innova into a lounge. Here we have a modified Innova that has received a DC-style lounge modification for the rear cabin and is currently available for sale.

The video has been uploaded by Ebadu Rahman Tech on their youtube channel. The the video simply shows what all modifications have been done to the car. From outside, the whole car gets a matte red wrap with black roof. It looks quite elegant on this Innova. Other modifications that are there on the Innova include an aftermarket headlight and LED tail light and blacked out stock alloy wheels.

On the inside, the Innova gets DC like modifications but, were not done by DC Designs. The whole cabin dual tone brown and beige interiors and that enhances the overall feel of the car. The dashboard and other panels have been painted in brown. The driver and the co-driver gets leather seats and there is a partition between the front and rear cabin.

Modified Toyota Innova with DC-style lounge for sale [Video]

Moving to the rear, as seen in DC lounges, the third and second row seats have been removed and a pair of recliners have been installed in the car. The brown theme in maintained in the rear cabin as well. There is an LED screen mounted on the partition wall and the seats at the rear can be controlled electrically. There is a tray table which can be used by the occupants. The roof has also been redone. In order to talk to the driver at the front, a mic has been provided on the roof too. Apart from that it gets an upgraded speaker system for better experience. It even has a small refrigerator inside the car too.

The Innova seen in the video is actually available for sale. It is a 2008 V trim Innova and has done approximately 1.47 lakh kms on the odometer. The video does not mention the asking price for this car but, he does mention the reason behind the sale. The owner is planning to buy an Innova Crysta and wants to do similar sort of modifications in it. Interested buyers can get in touch with the seller by clicking here.