Modified Volkswagen Polo looks hot [Video]

German car maker Volkswagen has been present in the country for quite some time and their hatchback Polo has been one of the popular models sold in the country. It is quite popular among those who love to have a taste for modifying cars. We have seen several modified examples of Volkswagen Polo across the country and have even featured some of them on our website too. Here we have one such Volkswagen Polo that has been beautifully modified and looks hot in its flash red colour.

The video has been uploaded by Remap Your Dreams on their youtube channel. The car used in the video is a petrol version that uses a 1.2 litre naturally aspirated unit. No upgrades are done to the engine and it still produces 74 Bhp and 110 Nm of torque. Only the stock air filter on this vehicle was replaced with a BMC unit. This 1.2 litre unit is not available anymore and Volkswagen had replaced it with a BS6 compliant 1.0 litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine.

All the chrome elements on the car has either been removed or blacked out. The front grille has been replaced with an R Line style grille. The headlights gets small lids and the fog lamps have been replaced for LED units. There is a small black coloured splitter installed on the lower part of the bumper too. Coming to the side profile, we notice that the car is sitting a bit lower than the stock version. That is mainly because it now sits on custom lowering springs which give it a sporty appeal.

Modified Volkswagen Polo looks hot [Video]

There is a skirting on the side to give the car bit more lowered stance. The 17 inch alloy wheels used in this Polo are from Rotiform and look beautiful. The rear gets a black spoiler and the tail lights are slightly blacked out. The skirting is seen on the rear bumper as well. The glass on this Polo has also been slightly tinted and it uses a custom made exhaust along with an end can from Superbee. This helps it provide a sporty exhaust note which can be heard in the video. No modifications are done to the interiors, which continue to look classy. Overall. the modifications done on this Polo hatchback looks very neat and helps it give a distinct identity among others.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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