This is how you can make your Yamaha R15 V2.0 look as fresh as the V3.0

Modified Yamaha R15 V2.0: This is how you make an Yamaha R15 V2.0 look as fresh as V3.0

The recently launched new Yamaha R15 V3.0 is quite a substantial upgrade over the earlier iteration. Among the major upgrades that the new motorcycle carries is the refreshed design, which makes the Version 3.0 significantly more stylish than its predecessors. However, owners of the V2.0 can give their steeds a fresh lease of life through this attractive body kit from Autologue Design.

yamaha r15 autologue design

The styling kit for the R15 consists of many parts, which can be bought individually in case you don’t want to opt for the complete makeover. The highlight of the modified R15 is the ‘Razor i’ headlamps, which give its nose a new look. The design of the headlamps have been inspired by those of the R3 and are a bolt-on fitment to the existing nose. This kit weighs merely 250 grams and costs Rs 3,000.


The kit also offers a couple of options for the fuel tank. Basically, there are two options for the custom fuel tank design – one inspired from the R6 and the other from the R1. These fuel tanks weight only 750 grams and cost Rs 4,999 each. Furthermore, the tailpiece is also new and takes design inspiration from the R1. It costs Rs 4,999. You can purchase the full kit for Rs 12,546. A seat cowl and a tire hugger are optional. Furthermore, you can also purchase a custom paint job for your motorcycle.

yamaha r15 autologue design

Other than these styling updates, the good folks at Autologue also offer many performance-enhancing bits for the R15. The red motorcycle you see in the above images sports a performance exhaust setup. Other than this, you can also purchase a remap for the ECU and/or a performance air filter. We feel that this custom kit for the R15 Version 2.0 makes the motorcycle a lot more desirable. The various new bits come together pretty well to give the earlier iteration of Yamaha’s entry-level sportsbike a new identity. We need to mention here that the custom kit is pretty well priced and makes only a marginal difference in the overall kerb weight of the motorcycle.