Modified Yamaha RD350s: the wow-worthy examples

A lot has been said about the RD350 — it’s very powerful (even by modern standards), looks nice, and thanks to its global presence, there are a lot of well-modified examples around. We look at some of the best custom RD 350s, both from India and the international markets. These can of course be an inspiration if you’re planning to get a custom one for yourself.

Flying Sikh


True to its name — a tribute to the Indian athlete Milkha Singh, otherwise known as the Flying Sikh and for his sheer speed — the custom RD350 has US-sourced parts, an RD350 heart, and of course all of it packaged in a KTM Duke chassis.


Made by Inline3’s Aseem Singh Pawar, the bike is a true representation of a modern day performance bike — desirable with the RD350’s addictive power delivery, backed by the KTM’s sublime balance.

RD350 Cafe Racer


RD 350 cafe racers aren’t uncommon, but it’s surprising to see what a lack of panels can do the bike. Instead of taking away anything, it actually gives the bike more character. The example you see here features a custom-made silencer, a hydraulic clutch, dual disc brakes, and a fuel tank from a Benelli.


The golden orange paintjob and the styling make it all the more special.

Treasure’s RD350


Scrambler styling mated to an elongated wheelbase is a what the Treasure RD350 is all about. The Bali-based custom garage has kept the bike raw, but with inclusion of a custom tank, bespoke seat, upside down forks, wide tyres, a monoshock and custom swingarm, there’s a lot of character in the design.


Dual front headlamps might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if that happens to be the case with you, this custom can’t be missed!

Shark by 86 Motorcycles


Visually not too different from most other tastefully modified RDs but look closer and the ‘Shark’ will surprise you. The front forks are shorter while the rear suspension is by Showa, the brown leather seat gels brilliantly with the spot-free design while the rear sets go well with the forward-biased riding position.


The donor bike was a ’73 RD but the engine was rebuilt and the transmission was a new unit complete with an O-ring chain.


The mix of silver and green paints for the side panels and the tank adds to the charisma while the custom head- and tail-lamp provide the finishing touch to make this one an easy to fall in love with design.

Scarlet Firefly


The name might suggest that it’s straight out of a fairy tale but the Scarlet Firefly is more than just a regular RD with a fancy name. It has the cleanest design here, and the dearth of body panels makes the custom tank and the seat hump stand out.


The contrasting paint job on the bare frame, neatly mounted tail lamp in the seat hump, uni-pod meter on the custom headlamp, and the twin silencers evoke as much interest as riding would.

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