Modified Yamaha RX135 by KirexMoto Customs is a major nostalgia trip

It has been more than a couple of decades since the Yamaha RX100 was discontinued in India. Even the RX135, which was the successor of the RX100, was discontinued over a decade ago due to stricter emission norms and the advent of more fuel-efficient motorcycles. However, both these motorcycles enjoy a huge fan following even today. Here, in this post, we highlight a modified Yamaha RX135 by KirexMoto Customs that pays homage to one of the most fun motorcycles of its time.

This Yamaha RX135 has been named ‘Diablo’ and has been given a cafe racer style. A lot of original bits have been trashed to give this motorcycle a slightly minimalist look. The original chrome-plated fender has been replaced with a sleeker, body-coloured unit. The original indicators have been removed and the motorcycle comes with bar-end-mounted rear view mirrors. The spoke wheels are new and the motorcycle even gets a front disc brake for enhanced braking prowess. Once astride, you’ll be quick to notice the single-pod instrumentation. Even the black-painted handlebar is a new and slightly flatter unit. The motorcycle gets a silver paint scheme with black detailing.

The side panels have been removed and the original seat has been replaced with a single-seat arrangement. The motorcycle also gets a rear-seat cowl that supports a cushioned backrest for the rider. Also, the original rear twin-shock absorbers have been replaced with gas-charged units that have come from a Bajaj Pulsar. The original tail lamp has been replaced with a smaller, round unit. The round indicators make way for sleeker LED units. There’s no fender at the rear.

Towards the end of the video, the vlogger starts the motorcycle to give you an idea about this motorcycle’s engine note. Of course, what follows is the typical 2-stroke engine sound that many of us remember from our childhood days. Other than a conical air filter, the motorcycle doesn’t seem to carry any performance upgrades. The RX135 offered a 5-speed transmission towards the end of its career. Its single-cylinder two-stroke engine offered 14.2 PS and 12.3 Nm. This modified Yamaha RX135 invokes some serious nostalgia from the 90s.

Video courtesy – MotoMahal on Youtube