Would you buy this monster Mercedes SUV?

Mercedes-Benz unveiled this rather monstrous and un-Mercedes-Benz like Ener-G-Force SUV concept based on its famous G-wagon chassis.

Would you buy this monster Mercedes SUV?

The idea is to take on the true-blue off-roaders expected from JLR such as the upcoming Defender. It sure has rugged looks. Even if the Ener-G-Force design is toned down by the time its derivatives enter production—as is usually the case—it will still look like nothing else.

The plan is to have three different SUV that take their design cues from the Ener-G-Force. The concept has a extreme-tough design/looks that from some angles resemble the now-discontinued Hummer. The Ener-G-Force was designed by Mercedes’ as an entrant in the Los Angeles Design Challenge 2012′s “Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025″ contest—it sure is threatening enough!

Would you buy this monster Mercedes SUV?

But the extremities don’t stop at design. The Ener-G-Force will  be powered by four wheel-mounted hydrogen-powered electric motors. Hydrogen power means it will run of water which will be held in containers on the roof and a Hydro-Tech Converter provide electricity that is stored in batteries within the concept car’s broad sills, which also act as tread plates. Mercedes-Benz says the car would have a range of up to 800km. Till the battery or water runs out—which one we are not sure of?

The proposed SUV is equipped with something called 360-degree topography scanner called Terra-Scan that is supposed to help it take the G-class’ exemplary off-road capabilities even further.

As of now, there is no reason to fear thugs or police roaming the streets in Ener-G-Force in the near future—it will only be on show at the upcoming LA Auto Show.