Moradabad youth arrested for performing stunts on Mahindra Thar’s bonnet

In yet another incident of stupid influencers trying to toil with the laws just for few clicks and likes we have another young man from Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad performing obnoxious stunts in the public. In this most recent incident a young man sitting on the bonnet of a Mahindra Thar without number plate is seen waving a pistol in his hands. As per the reports the video was shot in the civil line area of ​​the city. The video of this young man showing arrogance by waving a pistol became viral on social media.

Following the increasing number of views on this viral Instagram reel it has been reported that the man is a resident of Mughalpura, Moradabad and his name is Shakir Ali. For the record he has been detained by the Civil Line police of the city. Additionally it has also been reported that the Mahindra Thar upon the bonnet of which the man was sitting in the video has also been seized. The police authorities in an attempt to further stop youth from doing these idiotic acts has also levied a fine of Rs 25,000 on the young man.

As stupid as it may seem this is not the first incident of this type that has happened in the country. On the flipside, incidents of these sorts have become a lot more frequent. The biggest contributing factor to these idiotic acts is the increasing popularity of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The young crowd of the nation from all parts of the country have made it their aim to become viral and famous across these platforms. And most of the times its by doing foolish stunts like these.

Moradabad youth arrested for performing stunts on Mahindra Thar’s bonnet

Earlier in January another video of a man performing dangerous stunts on public roads went viral. In this video, a man was seen standing on a motorcycle while riding on a public road, with a pillion behind him. The video which also went viral on Instagram, showed the man riding a Royal Enfield Bullet with a female pillion who is supposedly his wife behind him. As the video progresses, the man starts standing on the motorcycle while riding. It was noted that both he and his pillion rider were not wearing helmets, putting the lives of both at risk. The video concludes with the man standing fully on the Bullet, while the motorcycle was still in motion and in a fairly high speed.

Another similar viral incident occurred in Maharashtra Nagpur as well. In this incident, it was reported that a mechanic who had 5 cars in his workshop for repairs lent them after the work to his friends to test drive. Following these 7 of his friends took the cars and started performing stunts on public roads and creating viral videos in the process. Some these videos were then used a proofs against these offenders and later all the 7 offenders and the 5 cars were seized by the Nagpur Police. An Audi A4 luxury sedan, Mahindra Scorpio, Volkswagen Vento, Tata Safari Storme and a Renault were seized by the police authorities.