More info on Honda Amaze features and specifications emerge

Update (01/04/2013): Honda Amaze diesel road test and review

The Honda Amaze is just a few weeks away from launch and already bits of information on what to expect with the car have begun to trickle in. The Amaze promises to be, well, amazing, when it comes to space, now here are some specifics.

A post on Team-BHP reveals some further details sent in, although there’s no way of verifying the specifics at the moment. The reports says that Honda has begun shipping the Amaze to its dealers across the country, but apparently all the cars in the first lot are petrol-powered, and not the diesel that most are waiting for. Also read: Honda Amaze fully revealed

More info on Honda Amaze features and specifications emerge

Features and specifications of Honda Amaze compared to Maruti Dzire

Other specifics that were pointed out include – the car will have a ground clearance of 165 mm and a turning radius of 4.6 metres. That makes the Honda Amaze slightly lower than the Maruti Dzire which has a ground clearance of 170 mm, but it will have better turning radius than the Dzire’s 4.8 metres.

There are still no proper power figures emerging for the 1.5 litre diesel engine for the Amaze, which is speculated to put out about 90PS of power. The petrol 1.2 litre will be the same 86 bhp engine that the Honda Brio hatchback has, and it will come with a five-speed manual transmission as well as a five-speed automatic option at launch.

The diesel engine will have an ARAI fuel-efficiency rating of about 23 kmpl apparently, while the petrol will retain its 18 kmpl fuel-efficiency rating.

The top-end V / VX variant on the Honda Amaze will come with 8-spoke, 14-inch alloy wheels with 175/65 R14 tyres, which is the same size as on the Honda Brio hatchback. The overall tyre size is similar to the Dzire, which runs on 165/80 R14 in the low and mid-variants and 185/65 R15 on the top-end variant. Upgrading to the wider Dzire tyre will be easy with the Honda Amaze for those who want it. Also read: Upcoming car launches for summer of 2013

More info on Honda Amaze features and specifications emerge

The Amaze will only have manual airconditioning in all variants, and not automatic climate control – a feature that the top-end Dzire has. The top-end Amaze will get a height adjustable driver’s seat, two airbags, ABS and EBD, rear-window defogger, integrated turn indicators on the mirrors, rear seat armrest with cupholders and beige fabric upholstery. All these features are comparable to features found in the Dzire as well, except for the music system, as the Dzire has one with a CD player, but the Amaze isn’t likely to have one with a CD.

However, where the Honda Amaze is likely to be much better than the Dzire is with boot space. The Honda Amaze will have a 400 litre boot, compared to the 316 litre boot on the Dzire. That and the seemingly bigger cabin of the Amaze are what will likely be its key advantage over the Dzire. Also read: Honda Amaze driven, gets good initial reviews

The car will be available in five colour options apparently – white, black, silver, grey and blue. How do you think the Honda Amaze fares against the Maruti Dzire, with this new info available? Share your thoughts.

Source: Team-BHP