More motorbike accessories that are useless or downright harmful

By Yetnesh Dubey

Extra loud exhaust and horns

Not only do these damage your bike’s efficiency and battery, but these are also becoming illegal. Cops are sure to pay more attention and in some cases seize the bike which is making way too much noise. With more powerful motorcycles entering India each day, it is also becoming important that we follow the rules and regulations set up by the authorities, for the safety of us and others.

Cheap frame sliders/leg guards

It is the most important thing which protects our bike as well as our legs during a dangerous fall. Cheap leg guards can prove harmful as they are unable to provide the required structural strength needed to withstand the impact. Even those frame sliders which offer good strength but more frictional resistance can instantly flip your bike when it falls from a high speed.


This is another mod which is commonly associated with Royal Enfield owners, although some Splendor owners use it as well. The mud flaps do almost nothing positive for the performance of your bike, if anything they function as the exact opposite for it. They are heavy and increase the drag when the bike is moving fast. Their main function, to prevent the rider from excess dirt, is easily managed by the stock mud-guard. So there is no need to install such a thing on your bike.

LEDs with no brightness

Some people change their halogen headlight thinking that an LED will save their battery while performing better than the former. It is true universally, but if you’re talking about the cheap lights which you bargained from a shady dealer based out of Karol Bagh, then I have bad news for you. Not only do such lights provide you with bad illumination, they even void your warranty in many cases.

Metal handle grips

Some Royal Enfield owners think that the metal in their bike’s body is not enough. So they go one step ahead and change their handle grips to metal, as well. Metal has resonating properties, so the infamous vibrations of the RE engine will attack the rider twice-fold, in this case.

There are plenty of tasteful mods out there and hundreds of great custom jobs on almost every bike in the market. So if you’re planning on modding your motorcycle, then it’s better to stay away from these.

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