More than 21,000 licenses to be cancelled for overspeeding: Noida RTO

Indian roads are deemed as one of the most unsafe roads in the world. As per latest accident report, 410 people died on Indian roads every day in 2016. One of the main reasons for accidents is overspeeding. To tackle the situation, the RTO authorities at Noida have taken a drastic step. Let’s find out more.

Cancel the license!

More than 21,000 licenses to be cancelled for overspeeding: Noida RTO

The transport department of Gautam Budh Nagar will recommend the suspension of 21,527 driving licence. These drivers exceeded the speed limit on the Yamuna Expressway, which is known for high-speed accidents. The overspeeding drivers were caught between April 1 and July 4 of this year and out of the total, 9,437 drivers are from Uttar Pradesh.

The police station will send notices to the RTO departments of other states regarding the license cancellation too. The Yamuna Expressway was inaugurated to shorten the distance and travel time between Delhi and Agra. The 6-lane highway with guarded rails on both the sides. The secured expressway has a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h light vehicles and 60 km/h for heavy vehicles. Both four-wheelers and two-wheelers are allowed on it.

“For the first two offences, we fine the vehicle owner. However, for a third violation, we initiate cancellation of driving licences under the Motor Vehicles Act. To deal with vehicles from outside UP, we will take the help of the ARTO department and the police of the state concerned to track the owner of the offending vehicle and fine them,” said BN Singh, district magistrate, Gautam Budh Nagar.

More than 21,000 licenses to be cancelled for overspeeding: Noida RTO

There are cameras along the whole expressway that is 165.5 km long. The speed cameras send information to the Jewar toll plaza through which all the vehicles using the expressway have to pass through. The toll plazas are also equipped to calculate the average speed through the time stamp on the receipts, and they warn the drivers about overspeeding.

Canceling licence becoming a trend?

Unlike developed countries, the laws in India for violations are pretty lax. Most of the drivers are let off with fines for offences, which they repeat due to heedless punishments. Cancelling license will send a strong message to the offenders.

Recently, the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) of Kerala suspended over 1.5 lakh licenses of the violators who were charged with various charges. The people were booked after October 2016.

According to the MVD, causing death through accident causes one year of suspension, drunken driving invites six-month of suspension and offences like over speeding will be awarded a three-month suspension. After three suspensions, the licenses will be cancelled.

A brave step?

To curb the number of accidents in India, we need such strict enforcement. Most of the people do not get formal training for driving in India. With the cars are becoming faster with each passing day and with road infrastructure not catching up, driving on Indian roads is becoming very dangerous. It is important to take such strict actions to make roads safer.

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