More than 25 vehicles collide on Yamuna Nagar highway due to dense fog [Video]

Driving on fog-covered highways is probably one of if not the hardest things to do because of the risk of accidents that it carries. Although despite fearing it a lot, people still have to take on this dangerous task, and sometimes even after being extremely cautious accidents still occur. In the most recent cases of accidents caused by fog, yesterday in Yamuna Nagar, as many as 25 cars collided on the highway due to extremely thick fog.

The Tribune reported that in the 24-vehicle-long pile-up, four people were injured and a majority of the vehicles suffered huge amounts of damage. On the brighter side, no fatalities occurred during the incident. Following the incident, the correspondent from the media outlet asked the Police DSP present at the spot about the accident. The DSP then replied that the accident occurred because of dense fog and he then requested everyone to be extremely cautious in this weather and drive the vehicles at very low speeds.

He added that people should use high beams, wipers, and indicators while driving in the fog, so that they can remain safe on the roads and keep others safe as well. The correspondent then asked the police official about what were the actions that were being taken by the authorities to which he replied that just as they got the information about the accident they reached the spot and started diverting the traffic. He also stated that all of those who were injured were immediately rushed to the hospital.

More than 25 vehicles collide on Yamuna Nagar highway due to dense fog [Video]

It is to be noted that incidents like these are not very uncommon and the Northern states of India usually suffer more than other parts of the country. Earlier this year in January at about 8 AM on the National Highway 1 near Karnal, Haryana. The fog-induced pile up saw nearly 40 cars, SUVs and trucks crashed into each other, in a massive pile-up that left 3 dead and over 20 critically injured.

After learning about these many incidents it begs us the question that what are the precautions that people can take while driving in fog. So in order to answer that here are some things to keep in mind if you are about to drive in a foggy road.

1. Park your vehicle and wait for while.

The first thing that you can do is wait. If in doubt, avoid the road. If there is no visibility, it is advisable to carefully and safely pull your car off the road and wait for visibility to improve. Remember to secure a location for it and switch on the parking and hazard lights.

2. Be in your own lane.
If you have to drive, then no matter what never try to switch lanes in a densely fogged up road.  Sticking to your lane reduces the risks of going off the road or crashing into another vehicle.
3. Avoid speeding.

Speeding is never a good idea, but it is more dangerous when vision is poor. Even while it may make you feel more pumped up than usual, everyone is nonetheless in risk. Since there doesn’t seem to be another car directly in front of you, you could decide that going a bit faster is OK. But given how unpredictable fog may be, you’re simply asking for problems!

4. Maintain low beam with the headlights.
When travelling in dense fog, it is typical for vehicles to use their high beams. However, the high beam bounces off of objects and reduces the driver’s visibility. We advise you to turn on your low beam headlights when there is less than 100 metres of road visibility.  If your vehicle has fog lamps, switch those on as well.

5. Use signals to let other people know.

Considering other cars on the road is a sign of a responsible driver. During foggy circumstances, it’s important to warn approaching and trailing cars, therefore utilise your parking or indication lights.