It’s no secret that despite a widely improved road network, we have a lot of morons creating bad examples on the road. We look at a few of such morons that you must avoid on Indian roads, not only for your or your car’s safety, but for theirs as well.

First, those confined within the city limits:

Folded rear view mirrors

Folded Wing Mirrors Car

It’s understandable that outside rear view mirrors are expensive, but getting hit by another car is more expensive and dangerous. Keeping the outside rear view mirrors (ORVMs) closed/folded is subjecting yourself to speeding cars from behind, and of course, hate. Use the frigging mirrors, for God’s sake.

High beam lovers


By using the high beam of their headlamps, it doesn’t ensure the road ahead becomes better lit. However it ensures that the oncoming traffic gets blinded, which increases the chances of a head-on collision. If you don’t want to make the roads more unsafe, just get your lights adjusted for better reach, and stop using the high beam.

Wrong side drivers

Pretty common irrespective of the city or village you live in, there are a lot of drivers who outwit themselves by travelling on the wrong side of the road. By their logic they are ready to save a couple of rupees by endangering theirs as well as other road users’ lives.



Tailgating is what happens when someone sticks to your car’s boot, hustling you to either make way for him/her or increase your pace. These buffoons think that their aggressive behaviour can clear the road for them. It just makes things worse, actually. And no, tailgating is not the right way of dealing with slow cars in the fast lane, either.

Signal jumper


Traffic signals are rather simple — you have lights of three different colours, and it’s an arrow or a green light that lets you know if you can go or not. Sadly, irrespective of being colour blind or illiterate, a lot of road users knowingly jump signals. Why? Because they want to reach home/office quick. Unfortunately by doing so they disrupt the whole traffic, hence killing the whole point of traffic signals. These guys should be jailed.

Excessive honkers


As if driving aggressively wasn’t foolish enough, these imbeciles think honking excessively makes the world a better place. See, sir, even if it’s a nature’s call to attend and half of the traffic knows that, there’s not much that your honking can do. Be wise in using the horn, unless you want to be looked down upon. But I’m sure that’s not something you have a problem with, either.