Watch 73 year-old Morris Minor car – a car that was once sold in India – on video

When we think about classic cars, Hindustan Ambassador is one of the vehicles that we come across. It was available in the market for a very long time. Most of us are aware that Hindustan Ambassador was actually based on Oxford Series III model sedan from British car manufacturer Morris. Even before Ambassador came to India, Morris used to offer another model in called Minor. The Morris minor was actually a very popular car back in the day. This is one of those models that familiarised Indian buyers with the round and bulky design in cars that was later seen on Ambassador. These are now very rare and here we have a neatly restored example of a 73 year old Morris Minor.

The video has been published by asianetnews on their YouTube channel. As the name Morris Minor suggests, this is a very small car that was manufactured by British car maker from 1948 to 1972. Morris Minor was marketed as a small and economical British family car. Video mentions that the owner was very fond of vintage cars and loved them since childhood.

The car belongs to Sujith, from Idukki district of Kerala. Sujith who is a mechanic by profession loved vintage cars and this Morris Minor has been with him for the last two-three years. Morris Minor is a special car as it was the first ever British car to sell over 10 lakh units. As mentioned above, Sujith loves vintage cars and when he bought the car from its previous owner, it was not in working condition.

Watch 73 year-old Morris Minor car – a car that was once sold in India – on video

Sujith, who is a car mechanic by profession worked on this vehicle and brought it back to life. The owner does not mention anything about the engine of this Morris Minor. He also did the denting and repainted the whole car to give it a fresh look and protect it from rust. He chose light blue colour which looks quite retro. The front grille on the Morris Minor was actually an inspiration to the Ambassador Landmaster that came in the market years later.

Sujith as mentioned above has completely restored the car. He bought it from a seller from Kerala’s Thrissur only. As this is a rare car, sourcing parts for it is always an issue. The owner has replaced the original steel wheels for aftermarket alloy wheels and the tail lamps is also from some other vehicle. Morris Minor used to come with steel rims with chrome wheel caps and tail lamps were also small units.

Sujith who is the current owner of this Morris Minor says that he is using the vehicle regularly. He mentions that even people are noticing the Morris Minor and many of them even come up to the vehicle and pose for pictures. Sujith also mentions that he has been getting calls from different parts of the country asking whether he is interested in selling the car. The answer to that is a Big No. He bought this vehicle because of his love towards vintage cars and not for sale.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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