Most HILARIOUS bike crash in India ever! (Video – Yamaha FZ & Honda CBR)

Hundreds of bike crashes happen in India nearly everyday, but this one takes the cake for being supremely hilarious. And luckily nobody is seriously injured in this crash, but the equation could have been very different if the speeds were higher. Here, watch it for yourself.

What’s happening here?

A bunch of bikers are riding somewhere in North India, in what seems like a state highway. A Volkswagen Vento  coming from the opposite direction makes a sharp overtaking move, and the biker on the Honda CBR 250R gives the car driver the middle finger. In the process, the CBR 250R rider’s attention gets diverted, and he goes on to rear end another biker – on a Yamaha FZ 16 – ahead of him.

The Yamaha FZ rider falls, and before he regains his composure, the CBR rider rushes to his aid, abusing the civic authorities (Nagar Palika) for not filling up potholes on the road. All this plays out quite hilariously as the CBR rider blames the civic authorities rather than himself for causing the FZ rider to fall. Obviously, the CBR rider brings up potholes to cover up his antics that led to the FZ rider’s fall.

Don’t rude-gesture on the road

Rude gestures on the road, however hilarious they may seem in certain situations – are a complete no-no. Such gestures could easily escalate into a serious road rage incident. It has happened before, and it can happen again. So, simply stay out of creating such situations.

Another important thing to remember while driving/riding on Indian roads is that ‘might is considered right’. Bigger vehicles generally never cede way to smaller ones. In their own interest for survival, smaller vehicles shouldn’t adopt an aggressive stance against the bigger vehicle. Often, it leads to the bigger vehicle hitting the smaller one, and driving away as though nothing happened. It’s always better to avoid confrontation on the road.