Most IDIOTIC motorcycle accessories seen on Indian roads

Some accessories help your motorcycle go faster, turn better, get more comfortable or even stop on a dime. Then, there are some other accessories that are pure show than go. And some of these are stupid, idiotic or call it what you want. Here’s a quick run through idiotic accessories seen on many Indian motorcycles.

Like this video reveals, stickers are super popular in India. While putting a 46 on a Pulsar’s fairing will tell others into MotoGP and all that stuff that you’re a Valentino Rossi fan, riding like one on public roads isn’t cool. And then those ‘NOX power’ stickers on a 100cc motorcycle. Well, you know where this is going.

Weight reduction can actually make your motorcycle go faster but no, that doesn’t including dumping the all-important rear view mirrors, Hell, you could end up in hospital and become a lot fatter by the time you’re back. Not helping matters, are they?

Honking? Well, a lot of riders want to be nice. So, no honking for them. What they instead have is loud exhausts. And obviously, they heard someone say ‘loud bikes save lives’. From waking up neighborhoods to causing mini-heart attacks, loud exhausts are almost the norm on a certain brand of motorcycle. We won’t risk naming it.

India’s a hot country, and the wind is our AC. And what better a way to cool off arm pits by holding it out for the wind. Enter super-wide handlebars. A hot accessory, again on a certain brand of motorcycles that we’re not going to name.

Spread light, plenty of it. Which is why using projectors with HIDs isn’t cool. How else can you blind oncoming traffic at night so that they simply pull over and give you and your ride a free passage.

India is an emotional country. And if your mum’s gifted you a motorcycle, you make sure that the world knows how awesome your mum is. Aww! And even thieves are going to leave your motorcycle alone because guess what, they’re Indians, and are emotional too.

Finally, if you think that these accessories aren’t cool enough, middle finger to you, say a lot of ‘middle-finger’ stickers on a lot of Indian motorcycles.

Video courtesy MotoSlug