Mother hides her son between legs while riding scooter to escape AI cameras [Video]

We all know that the state of Kerala has installed 726 AI cameras across the state as part of the Safe Kerala Project, with the aim of reducing road accidents and traffic rule violations. The AI cameras were implemented on April 20th, and the system will start issuing challans from May 20th, 2023. The camera automatically detects a set number of violations and clicks a picture. Tripling is one such offense. The camera will not even spare a family of a mother, father, and child traveling on a two-wheeler and will issue a fine. People have protested about this as well. Now, we have come across a video where a mother of two children has come up with a new way to escape the AI camera and travel on a scooty with both her children.

The video has been uploaded by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. In this video, we can see a mother taking her two children to a skating class on a Honda Activa scooter. The video has been intentionally blurred out to avoid any issues for the family. Initially, it looks like a regular video, but when you look carefully, you notice that there are two bags on the scooter but only one child. When you look even more closely, you can see the legs of the second child between the mother’s legs.

Ever since the tripling fine news came out, people have created several funny videos mocking the decision and shared them on social media. One such video shows a child packed in a jute bag and sitting in front of the scooter so that the camera does not detect them. It looks like people have started taking inspiration from such videos and are now executing the same. The child sitting on the footboard area of the scooter is not at all comfortable, and that is quite clear from the video.

Mother hides her son between legs while riding scooter to escape AI cameras [Video]
Mother hiding her son between her legs

The incident was reported from the capital district of Trivandrum. By hiding between the legs, the mother can fool the cameras installed on the road. The camera will not detect the third person on the scooter, and the rider can easily escape. This may sound funny to many, but it is extremely dangerous. The video mentions that the rider and the pillion on the scooter are wearing riding helmets for their safety. However, we doubt whether the third child, who was asked to fit into the footboard area of the scooter, is wearing any riding gear.

Many middle-class families have come forward to protest against this tripling fine rule. They are asking the government to give exemptions to families with small children. Not all families can afford to buy a car and travel together. India is still a country where the majority of people own and use a two-wheeler to commute. We do not recommend people take such risks on the road. In the event of an accident, the child sitting between the legs could get badly injured. Parents should not take this risk with their children or any kid, and we hope that the government soon comes up with a solution.

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