Motor Vehicles Department fines 104 buses for using air horn & playing loud music

Kerala Motor Vehicles Department or MVD is infamous for implementation of strict laws. News related to Kerala MVD keeps on surfacing on the internet for one reason or the other. Latest news comes from Kerala’s Thrissur district where Motor Vehicles Department officers conducted a widespread drive to catch buses using air horns and playing loud music. The MVD officials conducted the checking on both private and government buses. The inspection was done on buses that were doing rounds from Thrissur’s Sakthan Thamburan bus stand to Irinjalakuda.

Motor Vehicles Department fines 104 buses for using air horn & playing loud music

Apart from using loud horn and playing music, the officers also filed case against buses which had not given tickets to its passengers. In the inspection, the officers fined 104 buses in total. Out of these, 60 buses were using air horns and 40 buses were playing loud music. Other than this, 55 buses were fined for not offering tickets to its passengers. From 104 buses that the MVD fines, the department got fines worth Rs 1.22 lakh in a day.

Many buses were found with multiple violations and cases have been registered on these vehicles accordingly. Apart from the Sakthan Thamburan bus stand, the officers also inspected the buses passing throught the Thrissur-Kodungallur state highway. The MVD mainly inspected the buses for loud music and air horns. This inspection drive was done after they received a notification regarding the same from Human Rights Commission. The inspection was conducted by Thrissur Regional Transport Officer Biju James and his team.

Apart from the loud horn and music, cases have been registered against buses for rash driving, over-speeding, not offering tickets to passengers and also for not stopping for school students. The officials have mentioned that the inspection would continue till Septmeber 23. This is not the first time, Motor Vehicle Department has acted in this manner. Few years ago, MVD had announced that they are acquiring new devices like lux meters and sound meters. Lux meter is used to check the brightness of the headlamp of your vehicle.

If you are using an aftermarket headlight and the brightness of the light exceeds the prescribed limit, the meter can detect it and cops can issue a challan. Extremely bright lights are a menace on our roads during night. It completely blinds the view of the driver coming from the opposite direction. In Kerala most of the roads are narrow and that makes things even more risky. Similarly, the department also has the sound meter to check if the exhaust used in a car is louder than the prescribed limit. There are several modified cars in Kerala and an aftermarket exhaust is a very common modification in most of the cars. The same device is also used to measure the air horns or pressure horns in a bus or any other vehicle. It is not clear whether the team inspecting the buses were actually using any of these equipment. Kerala is one of the state where you would find many tastefully modified vehicles. Unfortunately, modification of any sort has been completely banned in India.