Motorbike stunt goes wrong: Rider seriously injured

Everyone has either gone through a phase where they wanted to show off their driving / riding skills or are still going through it. In case of a car, there is still an added layer of security, but in case of a bike, there is no margin for error. Here is a video showing just that:

As you can see, the rider, a young guy is trying to do stunts on a public road with that has traffic as well. Not only that, he isn’t wearing any riding gear either. As tough as it maybe to contain the excitement of a newly got bike or car, the public road is not a place where all these things should be done. If you do wish to perform stunts, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Not on a public road

Indian roads are filled with a lot of chaotic elements. You don’t want to add to it. A public road is meant for commute, it isn’t your personal race track. If you do wish to perform stunts, do so in a private area where there is no possibility of you injuring someone else or someone else coming in the way and injuring you.

Riding gear a must

As can be seen above, the rider is not wearing any riding gear. That is a very stupid thing to do, especially since the stakes are very high. As can be seen, the rider hits his head directly on the pavement and suffered grievous injuries as well. If he was wearing a helmet, things would have been different. Not just a helmet, a proper riding suit with knee and elbow pads are also required if you are trying to do something like this.

Don’t buy cheap riding gear

While you are riding, the only thing that protects you from getting injured incase of an accident is the riding gear you are using. There was a case reported where in a young biker, who was wearing all the gear lost his life on a race track when his helmet cracked upon falling down. Now, if he had a better helmet, he would most probably still be alive right now. There are more such incidents that have occurred that are testament to the fact that importance must be given while buying riding gear.