Motorcycle rider crushed by bus: Caught on cam

Motorcycle rider crushed by bus: Caught on cam

Motorists on two-wheelers are the most vulnerable ones on Indian roads. Here is an accident that has been captured on CCTV that shows how dangerous Indian roads can be. A motorcyclist was crushed to death, by a bus, in an accident that happened in Kukatpally, a suburb of Hyderabad.

What exactly happened here?

The CCTV footage shows the city road filled with motorists and heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks. The accident happened at 6:30 PM, according to the timestamp of the camera, and it is not dark yet. It shows a bike rider on the extreme left lane hitting a bus and getting crushed by it.

The state-run RTC bus was in the middle lane and was travelling at a slightly higher speed than the bike. The footage shows the rider going to his right and hitting the front tyre of the bus. He falls down from the bike and the rear tyre of the bus crushes him. Reportedly, the rear tyre crushed the rider’s head and he died on the spot. It can be seen that he was wearing a helmet too.

The news report says that the bike was trying to overtake the bus, but the CCTV footage clearly shows that he was not trying to speed up. The rider may not have noticed the bus at all or maybe he was distracted by something else on the road.

Also, there is a commercial vehicle on the right-hand side of the bus that is coming to its left. The bus can be seen moving towards its left slowly but it is not a sudden movement and if the rider noticed the bus, he could have avoided it. Also, many road users do not check the mirrors before taking a turn and the biker seen in the video could have been doing the same. He may be going to his right to take an upcoming turn on the road and did not notice the bus. No clear reason has been given on why the rider was steering right.

Unlike the new rear-engine buses in many cities, the bus seen here is the front-engine bus which means that it’s noisy enough to make its presence felt. However, the biker seems to be unaware of the bus. Also, such heavy vehicles have extremely limited visibility and often do not get to know what is around them. Even though such vehicles should stay in a single lane and not all over the place, we seldom see vehicles sticking to a specific lane.

Be alert on the road!

Indian roads are not the safest places in the world. Often, we see pedestrians, stray cattle, stray animals, and even vehicles coming out of nowhere or change direction suddenly. It is important to stay alert and be aware of the surroundings while riding or driving.

Always make sure that you adjust the mirrors and make it a habit to check the mirrors frequently even when you do not plan to change the lane or overtake. Being aware of the surroundings always help. Even a momentary lapse of concentration can prove fatal.