Motorcycle rider fined for low fuel – Legal or Illegal – Retd MVD inspector explains [Video]

In the past, we have come across several incidents where a car driver or a two-wheeler rider was fined by cops wrongfully. One of the latest images that have surfaced online is a challan receipt of a motorcycle. The offence committed by the two wheeler rider as per the receipt is what makes it even more interesting. He was riding the motorcycle without sufficient fuel with passengers. Yes, you read it right. Is it even actually an offence? Or is it something that desperate cops came up with. Here we have a video where a retired Motor Vehicle Department Inspector explains if the fine was taken legally or not.

The video has been uploaded by TJ’s Vehicle Point on their YouTube channel. In this video, Thankachan TJ, who is a retired Motor Vehicle Department Inspector from Kerala talks about the incident. He mentions that he has been receiving images and screenshot of the challan where a person was fined for not having sufficient fuel in his two wheeler. The incident happened in Kerala and he was issued a challan by Kerala MVD only. The former MVD inspector mentions that this is the first time, he is hearing something like this. That too for a two-wheeler. He says that he has not heard any such section in Kerala Motor Vehicle Act or CMVR that state low fuel level in a vehicle as an offence. he adds that challan cannot stand legally.

Thankachan however explains that there is another offence that many people commit unknowingly. It is applicable for a commercial vehicle that is used to transport people. If any such vehicle, be it a car, van, bus or any vehicle that is used for public service must get its passengers out before refueling. If the driver or the owner of the commercial vehicle fails to do that, then he can be fined up to Rs 250. The former MVD inspector can be heard saying in the video that these are very small things that people who are driving a commercial vehicle often forget and they must be careful in future to avoid such challans. This is an offence only for commercial vehicles that are carrying passengers and not for private vehicles.

Motorcycle rider fined for low fuel – Legal or Illegal – Retd MVD inspector explains [Video]

Thankachan TJ can be heard saying in the video that this incident should not have happened and it is not painting a good picture about the Motor Vehicles Department among the general public. He asks the officers to be a lot more careful while handling such cases in future. This is not the first time, police have issued a wrong challan against a person. Couple of months ago, Delhi traffic police had challaned a man for not wearing a helmet. This was a wrong challan as the man who was fined was actually driving a car. Delhi traffic police came forward after they realised the mistake and clarified that the challan was issued because of a technical glitch. They soon rectified the issue in the system and they even met the person and apologised by giving him a rose.

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