Motorcycle rider runs into a herd of elephants, escapes! [VIDEO]

It’s said one can never tell what’s around the corner. Well, it proved to be largely true in the case of a motorcyclist whose action cam captured the video we have below. Actually, the motorcyclist can be seen comfortably riding on some smooth tarmac when he takes a right-hander and runs into . . . wait for it. . a herd of wild, angry elephants! Don’t believe us? Here’s the footage –

Luckily, the motorcyclist sensed the danger and immediately came to a halt. By then, the elephants, which were moving in the same direction as the motorcyclist, sensed the presence of the motorcycle and quickly turned to charge towards it. Luckily, the motorcyclist was quick to take a U-turn and sped away from the fast-approaching danger. Phew!

It’s really not uncommon to run into a herd of elephants, especially when driving/riding on a road that passes through a forest/national park. The best thing to do in such circumstances is to maintain a safe distance from the elephants. Of course, you need to turn back and speed away in case the elephants are approaching you. Moreover, one should be even more careful if it’s just a single elephant that he or she has encountered.

Motorcycle rider runs into a herd of elephants, escapes! [VIDEO]

These are generally crazy outcasts that can cause enough harm. Also, in case it’s night time, one should switch off the headlights. Bright headlights often irritate elephants and they can get angry enough to inflict some damage. Honking at them can irritate them even more. Even the engine noise is often enough to make them angry. Hence, the best thing to do is to turn back as soon as you spot them. Also, never try to photograph the view with the flash on. Even small flashlights are enough to make the elephants angry.

Elephants normally don’t attack humans. However, there have been many cases of a herd of irritated elephants venting out their anger on a road-user and his vehicle. This is simply because of the fact that various sounds, like exhaust noise, horns, sirens, etc, irritate them enough to start threatening the road users.

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