Motorcycle runs away from rider after hilarious minor crash!

A quick search on Youtube can yield several thousand results of weird bike crashes from around the world. The clip we have here with us today is a motorcycle crash video that will make you laugh at the misery of this motorcycle rider. Well, not to sound sadist, but the way this guy helplessly runs after his two-wheeler can probably make anyone laugh.

While the location of this incident doesn’t look like it belongs to India, the nature of this clip is such that we can’t help sharing it. As you can see in the video above, here is a family of three astride what looks like a motoscooter. The two-wheeler is doing decent speeds until a car in front decided to take a U-turn. Some panic braking, a stoppie, a summersault, and a crash later, the trio is seen to be alright and ensuring that everyone’s fine. But wait, this is just half of the episode. What happens next will certainly tickle your funny bone!

Next, the rider decided to pick up his motorcycle. It looks like the motoscooter in the video has a stuck accelerator and it starts to speed away as soon as the rubber side is back on the ground. The rider is then seen running along his bike to somehow bring things under control. However, he has to let go of the handlebar as his motorcycle picks up some speed. We don’t know what happened next but we can’t stop laughing every time we play this video clip. Of course, we are really happy that no one involved in this crash was badly hurt. If nothing else, it’s a lesson for every motorcyclist to avoid panic braking unnecessarily. Also, it’s very important for every rider to wear a helmet. Wearing correct safety gear can really save you from injuries in an event of a crash.