Motorists’ crazy idea to escape helmet rule in Goa is hilarious

In a country like India, we see several rule violations on the road daily. Even though we have cops working round the clock, these violations continue to happen. One of the most common violation that we see on the road by two wheeler users not using the helmet. bikers normally get into trouble for not using helmet and they time to time come up with alternate options to escape cops. Here is a video that shows a group of motorists’ who came up with a crazy idea to escape helmet hunt by cops.

The incident had happened some time ago in Goa. The video shows a bunch of cops standing in a junction looking for motorcyclist who are not wearing helmets. The video shows that bikers had spotted the cops even before arriving the intersection and instead of taking a U turn or riding to the intersection, the motorists got down and started pushing the bikes and scooters. The riders who were not wearing helmets pushed their bikes and scooters in front of the cops and after they had crossed the intersection, riders hopped on the two-wheeler and rode away.

Cops who were there to catch violators were actually stunned by this ‘Jugaad’ that riders came up with. They were surprised and could not do anything. The basic logic behind this act was cops can only fine you if you are riding a motorcycle or a scooter without helmet. They cannot catch a person who is pushing his vehicle. It was not just one rider who was doing it. Someone started pushing the scooter and all those helmet-less riders started following him. Before any of the cops could figure out what was going on, there was a large group of bikers who were pushing the bikes from one side of the intersection to the others.

Motorists’ crazy idea to escape helmet rule in Goa is hilarious

The cops were all surprised and that is reason why they were not acting. This whole act was recorded on video and if the same had happened in some other state, we are not sure whether the cops would have reacted the same way. They may have even used force and might have also arrested all those people pushing the two wheeler.

This whole scene may look hilarious to many but, what people here in video are doing is actually a serious offence. A riding helmet is a basic thing that a rider must be wearing whenever he or she is going out. In a country ours where several accidents happen on roads daily, wearing a helmet can definitely make a difference. We have seen several videos on the internet wear bikers had met with accidents and the only reason many of them survived was because of the helmet and riding gear that they were wearing.

In the market, there are several  brands who sell riding helmets. The helmet should not be too loose or too light on rider’s head. Another thing that should be kept in mind while buying a helmet is its quality. It should at least be an ISI certified helmet as local or substandard helmets are weak and do not provide protection. DOT and ECE certification are often seen on internationally certified helmets.