Last thing you want to see while driving on mountain roads [Video]

Driving on mountains is considered to be quite challenging but if done right, is a rewarding experience too. In some of the mountainous regions, only pre-certified drivers are allowed to drive because of the treacherous terrain. However, with the development of road infrastructure, most of the mountain stretches are open to driving for everyone. Which brings us to the video below. In the video, we see an unfortunate incident take place in which one of the tires of a car come off while driving, putting the life of the car inhabitants in danger. Check out the video below to see how these guys had a close shave with death in this unfortunate case.

What Happened?

As seen in the video, few guys were taking a drive in their Tata Hexa around the twisty mountain roads. Sometime later we see the car coming to a halt and one of its wheels rolling down the road. What happened is that the wheel came off the car while driving but since the speed of the vehicle was below 50km/h, a big fatality was avoided. The wheel which came off is the rear left tire, as can be seen in the image below. Also, had it been the front wheel, the situation could have been worse.

Last thing you want to see while driving on mountain roads [Video]

Why this Happened? 

According to the owner of the car, who goes by the name of Angad Adlakha, there was a massive jam in the area overnight due to glacier clearing so numerous cars were lined up overnight. They reached the place during the day and parked their Hexa at a secluded spot. They then walked away to see the glacier and check out the natural beauty of the region. Meanwhile, some locals thought that the car is parked there for a long time and tried stealing its wheels. Luckily, Angad and his group came back shortly and the locals went away. However, they were successful in removing some nuts which the owner didn’t realise.

They then went off in the Hexa and barely covered 100 meters or so when the wheel came off. It was seen by the Pajero following them and in the video, you can hear the Pajero owner warning them on Radio. To let you know, all the occupants of the car are now safe and enjoying their trip.

How to avoid this?

1. Always get down and inspect your vehicle if you feel any wobble or vibration from the car. Never ignore any sort of irregularity you may feel from the car.

2. Before driving on rough roads, it’s better to walk around the car in the morning before you start the trip. Check the tyres and look for any cuts or low air pressure. This simple practice will prevent any mishap from happening as loose lugs/nuts etc are very likely to be caught by simple inspection.

3. Find a secure parking spot wherever possible, even if that means that you have to walk some extra distance.

4. Also, never exceed safe speeds while driving around the mountains. This case is a perfect example of how staying under speed limits can prevent major accidents.

Incidents like this are not always under one’s control but by following the points above, you can minimize any unfortunate situation. After all, mountain driving is a lovely experience if done right and you will hold it for the rest of your life as a cherished memory.