Movie star Ajith Kumar helps biker stranded in the Himalayas

While road tripping, getting rescued by strangers if your vehicle breaks down or its tyres get punctured is a heart-warming gesture. Imagine the same gesture being carried out by a renowned celebrity, whom you have praised in all the years of your life. Such an incident happened with a person named Manju Kashyap when his motorcycle got punctured during his road trip in Ladakh. But he got the surprise of his life when he got a helping hand from none other than the famous Tollywood actor Ajith.

Manju was riding his motorcycle on the hilly roads of the Himalayas when one of the tyres of his motorcycle got punctured. While asking for help from the by-passers, he requested a BMW R 1250 GSA rider who was passing through that spot. The BMW rider stopped him, after which Manju asked him for an air compressor to repair the flat tyre. However, the BMW rider said that it is not with him, but in another car which was some 10 minutes running behind him.

Actor introduced himself

In the meanwhile, Manju started chatting with the BMW rider, and that’s when the BMW rider removed his helmet and introduced himself as Ajith. He was none other than famous Tollywood actor Ajith, who has appeared in several South Indian films and is also known as an avid motorcyclist. After introducing himself, Ajith got down from his motorcycle and helped Maju to fix his flat tyre.

After repairing the flat tyre, both Manju and Ajith rode together for a couple of hours, before stopping at a roadside tea shop at the request of Manju. There, both of them had a conversation about their ride plans, with Ajith explaining his previous route map and wishing Manju all the good luck for his remaining ride.

Movie star Ajith Kumar helps biker stranded in the Himalayas

Manju was awestruck by Ajith’s simplicity, as despite being a superstar of South Indian cinema, he got down, interacted with him and helped him as any other good Samaritan would do in such a situation. He was also impressed with the simplicity of Ajith, as wrote that he was lucky to meet him in his social media post describing the whole incident.

As mentioned above, Ajith has huge admiration for motorcycles and also does frequent road trips on his motorcycles. Besides the BMW R 1250 GSA, Ajith also owns a BMW S1000RR, Aprilia Caponord 1200, BMW K1300 S and Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R. He also owns a few high-end cars like BMW 7-Series, Ferrari 458 Italia and Honda Accord V6.

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