Moving car’s sunroof used to launch rockets/fireworks is just CRAZY [Video]

Diwali, which is one of the biggest festivals in India, is celebrated ecstatically every year. Also known as the festival of lights, many celebrate it by bursting crackers. In recent wake to the pollution, the state governments and courts in India had set deadlines and set time windows to burst crackers. However, many were found flouting it. That’s not it, a video from Uttar Pradesh shows cracker bursting from a moving vehicle.

The video, which has become viral on the Internet shows a moving Honda City on the empty roads. The video, which has been taken from behind the vehicle shows sky shooters and rockets being fired from inside the car through the sunroof of the moving vehicle. The small video shows several firecrackers being burst by the occupants of the Honda City on the move.

The exact time of the video is not known, but the Uttar Pradesh government had set a time window of 8 PM to 10 PM for cracker bursting. Also, to make sure that illegal crackers are not burnt, firecrackers were allowed only at a few legal places that were approved by the government. However, bursting crackers from inside of a moving vehicle is pretty dangerous, and we are sure that it is illegal too. Noida Police has put on a tweet saying that they have already registered a complaint against it and they are currently investigating the matter. However, they have not said anything more on the issue. The number plate of the car in the video is quite blurry, and the exact numbers are not visible, which is making the investigation challenging.

Moving car’s sunroof used to launch rockets/fireworks is just CRAZY [Video]

Extremely dangerous stunt

Bursting firecrackers can be dangerous. Every year, reports of firecrackers causing uncontrolled fires have been reported from various regions of the country. Bursting them from inside a vehicle is extremely dangerous, especially because of the materials used in the cabin can catch fire easily. A small fire on the seat of the vehicle or any other part could have proved to be a disaster for the vehicle. Upholstery can catch fire easily. Also, since the vehicle was moving, the firecrackers could have been dislodged and fell inside the cabin, causing a massive disaster.

One should never try to do such things, no matter how cool it looks. It is an extremely dangerous stunt to do and can even turn out to be fatal. We are not sure about the set-up that the occupants of the Honda City had done to launch the crackers but it sure is not safe to do. The cops are still looking for the culprits who were in the Honda City. We do hope that the cops take strict action on the culprits and hand them a strict punishment.