MP’s Innova gets stuck in flood water: Villagers hope he now understands their pain [Video]

With the monsoon season engulfing the whole of the country, most city roads are underwater. While it is the common man who really gets affected because of such floods and gets stuck on the roads, this time a member of parliament got stuck in the middle of the road. Villagers in the region say that the MP should also feel the pain of flooded roads.

MP’s Innova gets stuck in flood water: Villagers hope he now understands their pain [Video]

The incident happened in Devi village in Chindwara, Madhya Pradesh. A Toyota Innova accompanying MP Nakul Nath broke down in the middle of a flooded road. The villagers in the area have been requesting and demanding from the government to build a bridge in the place of the culvert for several years now. However, the villagers say that they only received assurance from Nakul Nath and father Kamal Nath.

Kamal Nath is a notable name in the world of politics and remained the MP from Chindawara for decades. He was also the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh for 15 months but did not take any action to address the demands of the villagers.


According to information available, Nakul Nath was on a visit to his home constituency for a few days. On Wednesday, he was heading to Nagpur for a flight to New Delhi. As it was raining in Chhindwara district since early morning, the culvert near Ramakona village on Nagpur-Chhindwara national highway caused a massive jam.

As Nakul Nath was getting late for his flight, he and Gurucharan Khare, a member of ST/SC Commission, and a few other leaders decided to take a shortcut. When they were passing through the culvert in Devi village, the Innova Crysta got stuck. The police vehicle giving them security, however, crossed the area without any trouble.

Villagers hope that the ministers feel the pain

Baman Rao, a resident of Devi Village said that the locals have been demanding a proper bridge and roads for years now. However, the government did not hear the demands. The ministers only gave assurance to the villagers.

Another villager Laxman Bodge said, “Now, we have stopped demanding, as no one listens to us. Hope, Sansadji (MP Nakul Nath) would have felt our pain,”

Congress leader Syed Zafar who is close to the Nath family said,

“The waterlogged area is disputed. It is merely a 100-metre stretch, where a road couldn’t be constructed because of objection by a farmer. The matter is in the court. Therefore, nothing can be done.”

There are many such stretches in India where the water logging problem persists and even after frequent demands by the locals, the government fails to take action. In the past, even deaths have occurred due to vehicles getting stuck in flooded roads and under bridges.

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