MP’s Jeep Compass crashes into truck: Multiple horns revealed under crushed bonnet [Video]

A Jeep Compass SUV driven by AM Ariff, who is a Member of Parliament from Kerala’s Alappuzha district was recently involved in an accident. The politician was admitted to a nearby hospital with minor injuries after the accident. The videos from the spot of the accident reveal that, AM Ariff was lucky to have escaped the accident with only minor injuries. Another thing that we noticed in the videos that the car that was driven by the legislator has multiple horns under the bonnet. It should be noted that installing loud horns on vehicles is actually illegal.

The video has been uploaded by MediaoneTV Live on their YouTube channel. In the video, reporter is explaining how the whole accident happened and what is the current condition of AM Ariff. In the video shots, it is clearly visible that the legislator has installed multiple horns on his vehicle. Many of the viewers who have watched the video have also noticed this and have commented the same. Kerala Motor Vehicles Department is infamous for taking action against illegal modifications and customisations. Some of the viewers have pointed out the horns installed on the legislators cars and have mentioned that the MVD is only after general public and does not take action against such politicians.

As seen in the video, the Jeep Compass has 4 horns hidden behind the front grille of the SUV. It is definitely going to louder than a standard horn in a vehicle. Using loud horns on vehicles is illegal and we have seen authorities fining vehicle owners for use of such loud horns. As per the rules, permissible limit for horns on a vehicle lie between 96 dB and 112 dB. We have seen the use of loud horns on vehicles like buses and trucks to ensure that other road users notice them. These loud horns or pressure horns can actually scare people on the road and that could also lead to accidents. In this case, the politician was also using loud horns to make sure that his vehicle does not go unnoticed while he is on the road.

MP’s Jeep Compass crashes into truck: Multiple horns revealed under crushed bonnet [Video]

If Traffic Police comes across any such vehicle with loud horns on the road, they can actually seize the vehicle. Kerala MVD had bought sound meters some time ago to check if the horns used in a car are louder than a prescribed limit. Hopefully, MVD might look up to this matter and inspect the vehicle of the politician. As per the report, AM Ariff MP was travelling in his Jeep Compass. He was driving the SUV and was alone in it when the accident happened. The incident happened in Alappuzha’s Cherthala region. The politician drove the vehicle into the trailer of a truck that was parked on the side of the road.

The front-end of the Jeep Compass was completely destroyed and the legislator was trapped inside the car as the doors were jammed. The dashbaord and the steering wheels along with the windshield and rest of the front-end is completely damaged. AM Ariff was taken out from the vehicle by Fire brigade and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. He only received minor injuries.

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