MS Dhoni brings home modified vintage Yamaha RD350 LC

Former Indian Cricket Team Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his love for motorcycles is not a hidden secret. The World Cup-winning team captain owns a host of motorcycles ranging from retro roadsters to flagship superfast super sports, which makes his collection one of the most desirable garages in the world. Dhoni is also known for his admiration for the iconic Yamaha RD 350, which also happens to be his first motorcycle. While he already owns a few RDs, Dhoni recently added a custom-prepared RD 350 LC.

The said Yamaha RD 350 LC has been restored and customized by Chandigarh-based Blue Smoke Customs, which is one of the well-known restorers of two-stroke motorcycles from the yesteryears. The RD 350 LC added by Dhoni in his collection is finished in a custom livery of black and yellow combination, which was offered as standard in this motorcycle.

MS Dhoni brings home modified vintage Yamaha RD350 LC

Apart from the refurbishment this Yamaha RD 350 LC received in terms of its visual appeal, the motorcycle also got a few added components. These include Lectron carburettor, VForce4 reed valve system by Moto Tassinari, Uni air filter, Zeeltronic Programmable CDI, NGK spark plug, JL twin exhausts, Metmachex aluminium swingarm and LMC silicone radiator coolant hose. All these mechanical enhancements added in the RD 350 LC aim at enhancing the performance and handling of the motorcycle while on the go.

Retains the DNA

MS Dhoni brings home modified vintage Yamaha RD350 LC

Apart from these changes, the Yamaha RD 350 LC has been retained in its original visual form, without much of a change to its design. The motorcycle looks old-school from every angle, with a rounded headlamp and turn indicators, a rectangular tail lamp and a black-themed engine and rearview mirrors. Compared to the standard Yamaha RD 350, the RD 350 LC looks visually different, with a different-looking fuel tank, triangular side panels, and sporty seat with an inclined rear and rear tail section cowl behind the tail lamp.

The Yamaha RD 350 LC was sold globally between 1980 to 1983. While it was never officially launched in India, many motorcycle lovers imported it privately. The motorcycle shares its two-stroke, parallel-twin, 347cc engine with the regular RD 350, which here makes 49 bhp of maximum power. Compared to the air-cooled engine in the RD 350, the RD 350 LC’s engine received liquid cooling to meet stricter emission regulations.

MS Dhoni brings home modified vintage Yamaha RD350 LC

Apart from a desirable collection of Yamaha RD 350s and RX 100s, MS Dhoni also owns a range of modern-day motorcycles, including Harley Davidson Fat Boy, Kawasaki Ninja H2 and the ultra-exclusive Confederate X132 Hellcat.

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