Here’s the first look of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s car & bike museum [Video]

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the greatest cricketers and most successful captains in the world. Apart from cricket, he is known for his love for the automobiles. Dhoni owns several high-end rare vehicles, mostly two-wheelers but recently has gone into a buying spree. He has a specially built garage in his home where all his loved vehicles are parked safely and we have caught a glimpse of the parking building from the outside in many instances. However, this is the first time that we have gotten a glimpse of the garage museum from the inside and it looks majestic.

The glass building that is a dedicated garage of exotic vehicles that Mahendra Singh Dhoni owns has been spotted in many videos, especially the ones that his wife Sakshi Dhoni uploads. This video here shows the space from inside for the first time.

The video shows all the bikes parked closely to each other and there are several of them. The garage has two levels of parking and both are filled with bikes. We could not count all of them but there must be a hundred of these motorcycles parked in both the floors. Dhoni loves his motorcycles and has been spotted washing and preparing them during his free time. His love is especially of the two-stroke motorcycles and he owns a number of Yamaha RD 350s and RX100s. Apart from them, he has vintage motorcycles from BSA, Harley-Davidson and many more brands.

Here’s the first look of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s car & bike museum [Video]

Dhoni also owns a number of modern-day motorcycles. His latest motorcycle is the Kawasaki Ninja H2, which he has been using to reach the local cricket stadium to practise. Earlier, the cricketer has a Confederate X132 Hellcat and got the bike to Budh International Circuit too. The peep inside his garage truly speaks volumes about his love for the two-wheelers and motorcycles.

Here’s the first look of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s car & bike museum [Video]

Well, motorcycles are not the only thing that he loves and owns. Dhoni recently bought a restored Nissan 1 Ton truck and a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Series I. He also owns one of its kind Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that generates a massive 707 Bhp and 825 Nm of peak torque. It is the only Cherokee TrackHawk in India.

Dhoni has also been spotted riding motorcycles inside the compound of his home. His wife Sakshi Dhoni has put several videos where he is riding a motorcycle with Jiva, their young daughter.

Here’s the first look of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s car & bike museum [Video]

Well, Dhoni has never allowed any media to officially look inside the garage but we do hope that we get to see more it. For now, we can only imagine the kinds of motorcycles that are parked in the space.

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