Watch MS Dhoni take a spin in his resto-modded Nissan 1 Ton pick up truck

Former captain of the Indian cricket team or better known as the Captain Cool is an auto enthusiasts. He has collection of both modern and vintage cars and motorcycles in his garage. Like many other Indians, MS Dhoni also has a soft corner for SUVs and that reflects in his collection as well. Last year, MS Dhoni had bought a completely restored Nissan 1 ton pick up truck. The truck has been featured on our website before but, here we have a new video where MS Dhoni is seen driving his Nissan 1 ton on road.

The video has been shared by criabhijeet on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger is following MS Dhoni who is driving his Nissan 1 ton on road. The main aim of the vlogger is to stop and be able to click a picture with him. The Nissan 1 ton can be seen in the video and it has a massive road presence. The video was uploaded towards the end of 2019 which was when MS Dhoni had bought this pick up truck.

The pick up truck comes with a bright green metallic paint job which differentiates it from almost everything on the road. MS Dhoni had bought the SUV from Punjab’s Nakodar based SD car world who specialise in restoring SUVs specially Jonga and Nissan 1 ton pick up trucks. The pick up sits on 17 inch steel rims with chunky off-road tyres.

Watch MS Dhoni take a spin in his resto-modded Nissan 1 Ton pick up truck

The SUV gets LED projector headlamps and LED tail lamps, independent suspension, electronic winch and so on. A massive crash guard can be seen at the front of the 1 ton. The vehicle was neatly restored and certain customisations were done as per MS Dhoni’s request. A roof rack has been installed on the top and the loading area at the rear has been closed with a hard top. This can be  opened to keep things inside. A tool box is placed on the right hand side towards the rear and on the left a jerry can is placed.

The spare wheel is mounted on top on the hard top covering the bed. The exterior on this Nissan 1 ton may look old style to some but, that is actually the beauty of this pickup truck. As this was a restoration project, MS Dhoni got the original on the Nissan 1 ton restored and the SUV still runs on that. It gets the original six cylinder petrol engine. From outside, the SUV or the pick up truck has a retro look but, on the inside things are entirely different.

The interiors have been completely customised. It offers a plush interior and comes with features like electrically adjustable seats, leather upholstery, AC, touchscreen infotainment screen, power windows, power steering and so on. MS Dhoni is an auto enthusiasts and has variety of cars and bikes in his garage. Some of the vehicles in his garage include Hummer H2, Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk, Pontiac Firebird TransAm, 1969 Ford Mustang, Roll Royce Silver Wraith II, Hellcat X132, Yamaha RD350, BSA Goldstar, Kawasaki Ninja H2 and so on.