MS Dhoni’s first Yamaha RX135: What its new owner has to say about the bike [Video]

MS Dhoni is a well known face among Indians and is known as ‘Captain Cool’ in the field. Off the pitch, MS Dhoni is also known for his love or craze for bikes and cars. He has a lot of superbikes and luxury cars especially SUVs in his garage. One of the first motorcycle that MS Dhoni owned was a Yamaha RX135. That motorcycle is not anymore with MS Dhoni as he had sold it. Here we have a video of the new owner of the very same Yamaha RX135 who shares his experience of buying this motorcycle from MS Dhoni.

The video has been uploaded by ABP News channel on Youtube. The video starts by introducing the bike, the RX135 which was bought by MS Dhoni back in 2002. The bike is now owned by Mr. Panna who is a local resident had bought the bike from him in 2004, the year when MS Dhoni made his debut in the Indian cricket team. Ever since then the bike has been with Mr. Panna and he says that he finds pride in saying that he owns a bike that was once used by MS Dhoni.

He goes on adding that the motorcycle is still very famous in Ranchi and whenever he takes it out for a spin people recognize the motorcycle and call it Mahi’s bike. There were even rumours that Mr. Panna was going to sell the motorcycle but he confirms it on video that he has no such plans so far. The motorcycle has approximately done over 1 lakh kms, but the odometer has stopped working after 92,000 kms.

MS Dhoni’s first Yamaha RX135: What its new owner has to say about the bike [Video]

The bike looks in great condition even after so many years. The bikes like RX100, RX 135, RD350  have a cult following in the market and a well maintained example in used bike market can fetch owner a lot of money. Coming back to RX135, it is powered by a 132 cc, single cylinder, 2-stroke engine that generated a maximum of 12 Bhp and 10 Nm of torque. A four speed manual gearbox was standard initially, and Yamaha later upgraded the gearbox to a five speed unit.

The five speed version also saw a jump in power and torque to 14 Bhp-12 Nm. The bike was very light and had a top speed of around 108 kmph. The RX135 was also offered in a sportier form – RX-Z. The RX-Z is a very rare motorcycle on Indian roads now, and enthusiasts are often known to pay about Rs. 1 lakh for used examples.