Mukesh Ambani’s security guards get 4 new Mercedes Benz G63 AMG SUVs worth over Rs. 10 crore

Mukesh Ambani, a name that resonates with the highest profiles you could imagine in our country. He is responsible to fuel the Indian economy by the largest share. Obviously, this tends to the fact that he has the best of the automobiles adorning his garage. He and his family have the tightest security that you can afford as a civilian which is Z+ category security. This leads him and his family members to always in convoys. Ambani’s convoy has been spotted plenty of times. The cars used in his convoy are also top-notch as they get expensive SUVs to ride around. Here is a recent spotting of Ambani’s security convoy in Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.

This is not the first video uploaded by an onlooker or witness of Ambani’s convoy. The convoys always have luxury top-end SUVs. This particular video shows the Ambani’s convoy moving in four Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG SUVs. Each G63 AMG is heavily priced at over Rs. 2.5crores which makes the total cost of the convoy over Rs. 10 crores.

This is one of the latest videos available of Ambani’s convoy. Before this, Ambani’s convoy was spotted using Land Rover Range Rover Vogue. It was the most expensive SUV available in Indian markets before G63 AMG arrived. The Range Rover used previously by the security team had a Police sticker and strobe light on the roof of the car. Other than the Range Rover, Ambani’s convoy has always had the best and one of the most expensive SUVs available in the Indian market. Some of them were, Rover Discovery Sport, BMW X5, Ford Endeavour, Mahindra Scorpio, Toyota Fortuner and even the Honda CR-V. However, the G63 has been retained in the original form from the outside without any Police sticker or strobe lights. The G62 AMG is the most expensive security car that Ambani has ever had.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Mukesh Ambani’s security guards get 4 new Mercedes Benz G63 AMG SUVs worth over Rs. 10 crore

Talking about the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, it has a 3982 cc, V8 Biturbo petrol engine that churns a maximum of 576 Bhp and 850 Nm of peak torque. This makes the G63 one of the most powerful SUVs available. It is mated with an automatic transmission and has off-roading capabilities. Apart from the G63 AMGs, the security cars also had Toyota Vellfire. Toyota Vellfire spotted in this video is a first and makes it a new addition to the convoy.

The Vellfire was launched last year in India. It only comes in a single variant and is powered by a 2.5-litre petrol engine that generates 115 Bhp and 198 Nm of peak torque.

As influential as Ambani and his family are, they ought to receive a lot of threats and to ensure the complete safety of himself and his family members, he has opted for bulletproof cars. Last year, Mukesh Ambani got a brand-new Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard. Other than the S600 Guard, he has a BMW 7-series H Security.

As mentioned earlier, Ambani’s garage is filled with the best of the luxury cars available. It consists of cars like Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-AMG G63, Bentley Mulsanne, Land Rover Range Rover, Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, Porche Cayenne, BMW i8 amongst many other such cars.