Mukesh Ambani’s Toyota Fortuner helps rescue an injured biker

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Helping injured people during road accidents is something that most Indians do not like to do. There are numerous cases where the accident victims have bled to death on the roads while the motorists just keep on looking at them without offering any help. One such similar incident happened in Mumbai where a biker crashed into a divider and a convoy of vehicles that provides cover to Mukesh Ambani and his family stopped for help.

Mukesh Ambani’s convoy helping accident victim

The video put up by Thunder On Road shows an accident site on the crowded streets of Mumbai. The video shows an injured biker who allegedly could not spot the median and crashed into it. He was severely injured as he was not wearing any safety helmet according to the onlookers. While numerous vehicles were stopping at the spot and were passing by the accident victim, none of them offered any help or took the injured bike to the hospital.

After some time, two cars from a convoy of vehicles stopped at the spot and a few men started helping the victim. The white Toyota Fortuner and Land Rover Discovery, which are a part of the security detail of India’s richest family had stopped on the spot to help the victim and take him to a hospital nearby. The registration details of the Toyota Fortuner belong to “Reliance Industries” confirm the ownership of the vehicle too.

It should be noted that the Ambani family has a Z-Plus security cover and they are protected by a convoy whenever they are travelling. Even the wife of Mukesh Ambani gets the Y-level security cover. Various cars are a part of the Ambani convoy including the luxury SUVs like the BMW X5 and Land Rover Discovery. Other vehicles in the convoy include Ford Endeavours and Toyota Fortuners too. Even though the safety cover protecting the family is provided by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the vehicles used by them belongs to the Ambani family. It is undoubtedly the most expensive security details for a civilian in India.

Help road accident victims

Mukesh Ambani’s Toyota Fortuner helps rescue an injured biker

Helping road accident victims is something that should be done by everyone. Since Ambulance can take time to reach the spot, it is important for the motorists to help the victims. If the accident victims do not get the required medical attention soon after the accident, the golden hour is lost and often it turns out to be fatal. There is a perception in the minds of the motorists that helping accident victims will cause unnecessary hassles and the police will also ask questions regarding the accidents. However, in a new law passed by the Supreme Court, helping the road victims is now much easier.

According to the new laws, a good Samaritan who helps accident victims and takes them to the hospital can leave immediately and are not liable to answer the police. Various state governments have even started rewarding such helping people to encourage more such efforts on the roads. Also, the personal details of the bystander or the one who has helped the victim is kept as a secret.