Mukesh Ambani’s new Mercedes Benz S680 Guard worth Rs 10 crore spotted in Mumbai [Video]

Mukesh Ambani, the prominent Indian industrialist, and Chairman of Reliance Industries, is renowned for his opulent lifestyle and unwavering success in the business world. He recently made headlines by acquiring the ultra-luxurious Mercedes Benz S680 Guard, a vehicle that mirrors his stature and success. Priced at a staggering Rs 10 crore, this armored masterpiece showcases Ambani’s penchant for unparalleled luxury, cutting-edge technology, and safety. A video showcasing this new bulletproof sedan, along with a Rolls Royce Cullinan and crores worth of Ambani’s security cars, has been shared online.

The video of Mukesh Ambani’s newest bulletproof Mercedes S680 Guard has been posted on YouTube by CS 12 Vlogs on their channel. In this video, a convoy of Ambani family security vehicles, including Range Rover Vogues, Mercedes Benz G63 AMGs, Land Rover Discovery 5s, Ford Endeavours, MG Glosters, and other cars, can be seen making a U-turn. The convoy was safeguarding the opulent Rolls Royce Cullinan and Mukesh Ambani’s latest Mercedes Benz S680 Guard.

Mercedes Benz S680 Guard: The newest bulletproof ride of Mukesh Ambani

At the core of the Rs 10 crore S680 Guard, bought by Mukesh Ambani, lies exceptional security in the form of its VPAM VR 10 certification – the pinnacle of ballistic certification for civilian vehicles. This certification ensures that the vehicle is not only bulletproof but also resistant to explosive charges. Despite its heavy armor, the S680 Guard’s design is an engineering feat that seamlessly integrates safety without compromising on performance. The vehicle’s exterior closely resembles its non-armored counterpart, with subtle differentiators like chrome flag holders, thicker window frames, and exclusive badging.

Mukesh Ambani’s new Mercedes Benz S680 Guard worth Rs 10 crore spotted in Mumbai [Video]

A standout feature of the S680 Guard is its bullet- and blast-proof glass. Featuring multi-layer construction and a polycarbonate layer for splinter protection, this glass offers unparalleled security without sacrificing visibility. The substantial thickness of the glass, measuring around 3.5 to 4 inches, ensures passengers remain shielded even in the most extreme situations.

Under the hood, the S680 Guard boasts a commanding V12 engine generating 612hp and a staggering 830Nm of torque. This power enables the 4.2-tonne vehicle to maneuver effortlessly while maintaining the same performance as its non-armored counterpart. Additionally, the incorporation of all-wheel drive ensures optimal traction, enhancing the vehicle’s dynamic capabilities.

Mukesh Ambani’s new Mercedes Benz S680 Guard worth Rs 10 crore spotted in Mumbai [Video]

Moreover, beyond its robust armor, the S680 Guard features an array of advanced safety features that prioritize passenger protection. Actuators in the doors facilitate effortless opening and closing, even on inclines. Furthermore, specialized tires are designed to continue functioning for up to 30 kilometers after a potential flat, allowing occupants to reach safety. Adding to these, the S680 Guard boasts an integrated intercom system operated by the driver through conveniently placed buttons on the central console. This feature enables communication with individuals outside the vehicle without compromising security.

Mukesh Ambani’s new Mercedes Benz S680 Guard worth Rs 10 crore spotted in Mumbai [Video]

Before acquiring the new Mercedes Benz S680 Guard, Mukesh Ambani used to be chauffeured in a previous-generation W222 S600 Guard. This was also the most secure Mercedes available at the time of its launch, for which Mukesh Ambani paid around Rs 10 crore. The previous-gen S-Guard also offered VR10 level protection capable of withstanding 15 kgs of TNT from a distance of 2 meters. The underbody and base structure had been reinforced, with the bodyshell made up of reinforced steel. The vehicle was crafted using special steel to enhance its strength. The S600 Guard was powered by a twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 engine producing 523 bhp of power and a peak torque output of 850 Nm, mated to a 7-speed gearbox.

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