Mukesh Ambani’s second Rolls Royce Ghost EWB spotted in Mumbai [Video]

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Mukesh Ambani, the richest businessman in the country, has one of the largest collections of cars and SUVs in his family. Various videos showcasing their expensive and exotic cars are available on the internet. Their 27-story tall mansion, Antilia, has a massive parking space that reportedly accommodates more than 200 cars. The family has been spotted moving around in expensive cars, including Mukesh Ambani’s Rolls Royce Ghost EWB, which was recently spotted on the road. This may be the second Rolls Royce Ghost in the Jio garage.

The video was uploaded by CS12 Vlogs and shows several exotic cars passing through the busy roads of Mumbai on a weekend. Halfway through the video, the vlogger included a clip of Mukesh Ambani’s convoy on the road. The white Rolls Royce Ghost is seen passing through the road, accompanied by security vehicles. However, the number of security vehicles around the Ghost seemed less compared to other videos. In the video, we could spot a Ford Endeavour, a Toyota Fortuner, and another security vehicle with beacon lights passing through the other lane. It is possible that the car was being used by another family member and not Mukesh Ambani.

As we know, Mukesh Ambani has Z+ category security due to various reasons and always travels in bulletproof vehicles. He is often seen in his Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard sedan, which costs over Rs. 10 crore. The car seen in the video is a second-generation Rolls Royce Ghost EWB variant. The British luxury car manufacturer had launched the EWB version of the Ghost luxury sedan in the Indian market in 2020. Compared to the standard Ghost, the EWB version is 170mm longer. Upon running the car’s registration number online, we found that Ambanis had actually bought this car last year. Surprisingly, the car is registered to Reliance Industries Ltd. and is currently with its second owner.

Mukesh Ambani’s second Rolls Royce Ghost EWB spotted in Mumbai [Video]
Ambani’s Roll Royce Ghost EWB

Like any Rolls Royce car, the Ghost also comes with customization options. The exact details of the customization are currently unknown. However, the extended wheelbase of the car has allowed the manufacturer to offer more features, including reclining serenity seats, a champagne fridge between the rear seats, built-in Wi-Fi, and a new air purification system. The Rolls Royce Ghost EWB version is powered by the same engine as the standard Ghost. It uses a 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V12 petrol engine that generates 563 Bhp and 820 Nm of peak torque. The starting price of the Rolls Royce Ghost is Rs. 6.95 crore, ex-showroom. The EWB version seen in the video has an ex-showroom price of Rs. 7.95 crore. Depending on the customization options, the price of this luxury sedan will increase. The Ambani family has a great collection of Rolls Royce sedans and SUVs in their garage, including not one, but three Cullinan SUVs. The family also has a Rolls Royce Phantom Series VIII Extended Wheelbase Version. The family also has multiple Bentley Bentayga SUV, Lamborghini Urus SUV, Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG (both old and current generation), Two current generation Land Rover Range Rover SUV.