Mukesh Ambani’s security guards drive cars worth over Rs.10 crore [Video]

One of the richest men in India – Mukesh Ambani and his family has the Z Plus security cover. Antila, the family house of the Ambanis in Mumbai is home to hundreds of expensive sports cars and SUVs. While the authorities provide Z Plus cover to the Ambanis, the vehicles provided by the authorities are simply not very powerful to keep up with the expensive cars of the Ambanis. That is why the Ambanis have invested heavily in security cars that form the convoy when they move around. These cars cost more than Rs 10 crore in total!

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

White-coloured Mercedes-Benz G63 SUVs are the latest addition to the Ambani family’s convoy. While there is not an exact count on how many G63s are there with the family but most spotters confirm that there are four of them. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG gets a 3982 cc, V8 Biturbo petrol engine that churns a maximum of 576 Bhp and 850 Nm of peak torque. This makes the G63 one of the most powerful SUVs available. It is mated with an automatic transmission and has off-roading capabilities. Apart from the G63 AMGs, the security cars also had Toyota Vellfire.

Land Rover Range Rover Vogue

Mukesh Ambani’s security guards drive cars worth over Rs.10 crore [Video]

The Land Rover Range Rover Vogue is the most expensive vehicle in Ambani’s security detail and there are quite a few of them. The Ambani convoy already had a few Range Rovers but they were unmarked. It seems that they are converting these cars with strobe lights and police stickers to be more authoritative on the public roads. This car is waiting outside the Antila. Even though the exact version and spec of this Range Rover are not known, a new one costs anything between Rs 2 crore and Rs 3.5 crore.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Ambani convoy also uses a slew of Land Rover Discovery Sport SUVs. The capable SUVs are marked with police stickers and strobe lights. The exact number of the Discovery Sport SUVs in the convoy is not known but we have spotted at least five different ones.


These are one of the first premium SUVs to be inducted into the security details of the Ambani family. Before the arrival of the X5, the CRPF personnel who provided Z+ cover to the family used to travel in their own vehicles but could not keep up with the fast vehicles of the family. Ambani bought several BMW X5 XDrive30 and started using them in the security detail. The X5 xDrive30 comes powered by a 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel engine that produces a maximum power of 258 Bhp and peak torque of 560 Nm.

Ford Endeavour

The Ambani convoy also has several Ford Endeavour SUVs. The white coloured marked Endeavour is almost present with every Ambani family convoy. The Endeavours in the security details of the Ambanis are powered by the massive 3.2-litre diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 197 Bhp and peak torque of 470 Nm.