Multi-crore Audi R8 supercar once owned by Virat Kohli now abandoned, & left to rot

We all know that Virat Kohli is an automobile enthusiast and he also serves as the brand ambassador for Audi India. Virat’s garage is full of vehicles from the Audi brand even though he owns cars and SUVs from a few other brands too. Well, Virat keeps on getting new cars and upgraded models of the old cars. To make space for the new ones, he has to sell the older ones. This Audi R8, which was previously owned by Virat Kohli is now rotting in a remote part of Maharashtra.

Multi-crore Audi R8 supercar once owned by Virat Kohli now abandoned, & left to rot

This is the older generation Audi R8 that Virat owned way back in 2012. The official records show that Virat sold the car to a person named Sagar Thakkar in 2016 through a broker. Sagar Thakkar was later found to be a criminal and was involved in a mega scam too. Also known as ‘Shaggy’, Sagar Thakkar got the car for his girlfriend.

Sagar Thakkar was arrested by Mumbai Police after he went hiding. He was involved in a mega call centre scam. Mumbai Police arrested Sagar Thakkar and also seized all his assets including his properties and all the cars too.

Multi-crore Audi R8 supercar once owned by Virat Kohli now abandoned, & left to rot

Audi R8 damaged in the floods

After Mumbai Police seized the Audi R8 from the Sagar Thakkar, they parked the car at a Mumbai Police impound ground, which was open. Reportedly, during the floods in Mumbai, the Audi R8 was damaged completely and was even found floating in the water.

That is why the latest pictures of the vehicle show it in the worst possible condition. According to the cops, Sagar paid a handsome Rs 2.5 crore to Virat Kohli to get this car from him. Since this was the first sports car of Virat Kohli, he absolutely adored it and was even spotted driving the vehicle on several occasions. He even used to bring the vehicle to the matches in Delhi and once a clip of Chris Gayle getting a lift from Kohli in the R8 became viral too.

Virat Kohli’s garage

Virat Kohli owns a very diversified range of vehicles. He received several cars from Audi as a part of his contract and it includes vehicles like Audi R8 LMX, which is a limited-edition model. He also owns several other vehicles from the German luxury car manufacturer. It includes vehicles like the Audi Q7, Audi RS5, Audi A8 L, Audi S5 and more.

Virat Kohli also owns a couple of Bentley sports cars. He has one stationed in Delhi while the other one is in Mumbai. He regularly uses the Bentley to go around the town and even drives it to and fro the airport.

Well, such things can happen to you too and if you are selling your vehicle in the used car market, make sure that you always follow the proper documentation and transfer the registration certificate to the new owner.