Multi-crore Ferrari F430 supercar getting repainted at a local garage in India: Picture goes viral

We have mentioned in many of our previous articles that the trend for expensive and exotic cars in India has gone up over the years. Many young people, including celebrities, are buying sports cars and supercars. Buying an expensive or exotic car is one thing, and maintaining it is another. Unlike regular cars, maintaining a supercar or a sports car is an expensive affair. One thing that many luxury car owners do is try to find a cheaper alternative to keep their expensive car running. We have come across a couple of instances, and now we have images of a Ferrari F430 circulating online. The supercar worth crores was being repainted at a local garage in India.


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The image has been shared by Car Crazy India on their Instagram page. The image, which has now gone viral on the internet, shows a Ferrari F430 getting ready to be repainted at a local garage. The exact location where the car is parked is not known. The post mentions that the person who shared the images wishes to remain anonymous. The location is definitely India as we can see a couple of other cars parked next to the Ferrari, including a Mahindra Jeep, Maruti WagonR, and many more cars in the workshop. We can see a man working on the body of the supercar.

The post on the internet said, “When you wanna keep the Ferrari up and running at any cost, Ferrari F430 getting repainted at a Garage. Hoping they will do a good job. Thanks to an anonymous birdie for the pic.”

Multi-crore Ferrari F430 supercar getting repainted at a local garage in India: Picture goes viral
Ferrari F430 getting repainted

It looks like the red Ferrari F430 had several scratches or dents on the body panels. It is also possible that the Ferrari was involved in an accident. The front bumper is where we see most of the work. The workshop has completely covered the windshield, headlights, and windows on this sports car. The picture only shows the front and side profile of the car. The rear of the car is not seen. The bonnet, bumper, rear fender, and doors are all covered in a thin coat of putty. This is often done to achieve the desired shape, and once the putty is applied, excess putty is removed to ensure that the surface has an even finish. Too much putty would increase the weight of the panel, and over a period of time, cracks would appear on it.

The whole car has a matte finish, which makes us feel that the original paint has been sanded off before repainting the car. Painting a sports car or supercar like this from an authorized service center would cost you in lakhs. However, the same would cost you less at a local workshop. The quality of work and paint would also be different in both places. We really hope that the owner of this car gets a clean-looking car after repainting. This is not the first time we have come across something like this. A few years ago, we came across a picture of an Audi R8 supercar getting repainted in a makeshift garage. Other than this, we also have images of a Bentley Bentayga luxury SUV from Mumbai, which was getting repainted or repaired from a roadside workshop.