Multiple riders skid and fall on a wet road one after the other! [Video]

Scooters skid on wet road

Wet roads can be dangerous, especially for two-wheelers. Here is an incident from Kerala that shows three riders skidding and falling one after another. The video recorded on the rear dashboard camera of a state bus shows how the wet surface caused them to skid.

The footage shows four scooter riders following the bus when the bus driver applied the brakes. While the first rider slows down and stops completely, the last rider skids and falls down. The rider in front of the last rider tried looking behind to see what is happening and he lost balance and fell down as well. The second rider also tried to look behind to check and fell down.

The heartwarming part of the video is how they get up and run to help each other. Even the locals come running out of the shops and help the riders to get up. The bus driver, meanwhile, pulls away from the spot without noticing the mayhem that he left behind.

Wet roads can be dangerous

Wet roads can be very dangerous, especially on the roads that heavy vehicles use. Since many heavy vehicles are old and many of them are not well-maintained, they leak oil. The oil mixed with water makes a dangerous slippery compound that can cause the vehicles to slip and fall easily.

This is exactly what seems to be the case here. The scooters got stuck behind the bus and when they applied the brakes suddenly, the scooter slipped. The others tried to look behind and got distracted. They lost balance and fell down.

One should be extra careful while moving on wet roads. Changing directions quickly or even applying brakes suddenly can cause the vehicle to skid and fall down.

Wet surfaces can cause aquaplaning as well

Many high-speed accidents can cause due to aquaplaning on wet surfaces. There are numerous incidents caught on CCTV that show how dangerous aquaplaning can be.

Aquaplaning or Hydroplaning occurs when tires are unable to disperse or eliminate water from their surface. The water engulfs the entire tire, and the contact patch connecting the road and the tire separates, causing uncontrolled sliding. This results in drivers losing control of the vehicle, and the brakes being ineffective, as the car remains suspended above the water without any connection to the road surface.

You can prevent aquaplaning by following a few simple steps. Firstly, it is crucial to slow down, as aquaplaning can be entirely avoided if you cross water at speeds below 40 Kph. If you notice a puddle of water on the road, reduce your speed as much as possible.