Luxury cars STUCK in the latest Mumbai floods: Porsche Boxster to Mercedes CLA [Video]

Mumbai is home to numerous luxury branded and high-end vehicles. Such vehicles are quite a common sight on the Mumbai roads. These vehicles go through the city just fine until the infamous Mumbai floods return. Every year hundreds of vehicles get stuck in Mumbai floods. However, the high-end luxury cars are especially prone to the high level of water on the roads. Here are four such incidents that happened in Mumbai this year and the sight is heart-wrenching for us car lovers.

Mercedes-Benz SLC

This is an old SLC which caught in the Mumbai floods two months back. The car got stuck in the water and due to its high capacity engine and complex electronics system, it got stuck in the floods. The car can be seen pushed by a few people who are trying to get it out of the area. However, the best way is to not try starting the vehicle and getting it towed to the nearest service centre.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Here is another Mercedes-Benz car, which was caught in yesterday’s rain in Mumbai. The CLA can be seen with it hazard lamps switch on but the vehicle seems to be hydro locked and stranded in the middle of the flooded road. It is always best to wait for the water to clear the road before going ahead, especially in such high-end vehicles. It is not known if the occupants were able to get out of the car.

Porsche Boxster S

Luxury cars STUCK in the latest Mumbai floods: Porsche Boxster to Mercedes CLA [Video]

Porsche is known for the iconic design of its vehicles. The German sports car manufacturer is also known for its performance sports cars and the Boxster model is quite popular around the world. Here is a Porsche Boxster S in Mumbai, which got stuck in the sudden rains on the city. While most luxury car owners always remain quite careful when it comes to their vehicles. However, the sudden rain in Mumbai yesterday caused many vehicles to get stuck. Since such sports cars have very low ground clearance, getting stuck in such a high level of water on the street is quite obvious.

Luxury cars STUCK in the latest Mumbai floods: Porsche Boxster to Mercedes CLA [Video]

Jaguar XF

The video of a Jaguar stuck at a flooded underpass became viral yesterday. The luxury saloon was spotted stuck in the middle of the high level of water while a Mahindra Bolero Camper drover through it without much of an issue. It is not known if the Jaguar driver was able to get out of the spot. In the video, many vehicles can be seen waiting on the other side of the underpass. Since the underpass is lower than the surrounding areas, they fill up quickly and the level of the water becomes difficult to judge. We are not sure how the Jaguar got stuck here but the driver must be feeling a little adventurous.

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