Mumbai residents park cars on a flyover to ESCAPE floods [Video]

Mumbai residents are face flooded roads every now and then. Every year, the roads of the city get flooded due to the heavy rains. Last years hundreds or even thousands of vehicles were affected due to the flooding. This year, however, the residents have found a unique way of saving their vehicles.

Parking the vehicles on flyover

The video on India Today Social shows numerous vehicles parked on the right-most lane of a flyover. According to the video, the residents parked their vehicles there to avoid the flooded roads. Even this year, numerous vehicles got stuck in the flooded roads. Even a lot of vehicles that are parked on the roadside get affected by the rising water. Parking on the flyover ensures that the vehicles remain safe from the rising water levels.

It is not known if the decision was taken collectively by the residents of the society. However, it seems like all the residents have parked their vehicles on the flyover. This is the Santa Cruz – Chembur Road flyover.

Mumbai residents park cars on a flyover to ESCAPE floods [Video]

Every year, many vehicles get affected due to the floods in India. In Kerala, many residents used multiple bricks to raise the vehicle from the ground and save it from water. While a parked vehicle may not get permanently damaged due to the flood, the repairing cost for cleaning the cabin, cleaning the engine and replacing the wires can cost a lot. To avoid hassles, saving the vehicle from the flooded roads is the best way to go.

The vehicles in this video are, however, parked on the extreme right lane, which is the fastest lane and the overtaking lane. We hope that the Mumbai Traffic Police have not taken any actions against the residents who were just trying to save their vehicles.

Even this year in Mumbai, videos of numerous vehicles got stuck in the flooded roads of the city. Many videos of cars, especially the high-end ones became viral on the Internet. Earlier, two occupants of a Mahindra Scorpio got stuck inside the vehicle after trying to cross a flooded underpass. The vehicle stalled on the way after the water level rose too much and because of the failed electronics, the two occupants could not open the door. They remained stuck in the vehicle for a long time and it turned out to be fatal.

It is always a good idea to find a higher ground to park the vehicle during the floods. While it may not be always possible to do so, it sure is a way to protect the vehicle. However, it should be known that even the flyovers can get flooded. Last year, during heavy rainfall, the newly inaugurated elevated road on the Delhi-Meerut expressway got flooded with at least 3 feet of water, which is a lot!

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