Mumbai man drags traffic police for 1 km on Hyundai Creta: Booked

Mumbai Police have booked a motorist in Mumbai after he tried to evade the fine by dragging police on the bonnet for at least 1 km. The incident happened in Andheri West and the police have registered an FIR against the driver of the car.

The incident happened below the Azad Nagar Metro Station in Andheri. 48-year old constable Vijaysingh Gurav was on duty under the metro station when a car entered the road from the wrong side and was moving towards SV Road. The police personnel waved at the car driver and asked him to stop the vehicle for violating the rules.

However, the driver of the Hyundai Creta tried to evade the fine by escaping from the spot. The driver even waved an ID card at the police constable and then tried escaping. However, Gurav suspected that the driver is planning to flee and he jumped and sat on the bonnet of the vehicle when the driver was starting the accelerate.

The constable sat on the bonnet for the next 1 km and since the driver was driving in a very rash way, the police personnel was thrown off the vehicle. The constable Gurav then rushed to the police station and lodged a formal complaint against the driver.

Case registered

Mumbai man drags traffic police for 1 km on Hyundai Creta: Booked

The police station has lodged a complaint against the motorists under various sections. Their case is registered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) 353 for assault or criminal force to deter public servants from the discharge of their duty and Section 279 – rash driving. People present at the spot recorded several videos and the videos have now become viral on the Internet on various social media platforms.

Not the first such incident

In India, many police officers in the past have been dragged by lawbreakers on their vehicles. In several incidents, the cars do not stop and the police personnel jump on the bonnet to save themselves from getting crushed. Many police officers have been dragged for many kilometres.

In the present time, almost all the police teams are equipped with wireless units that can be used to ensure that such vehicles can be stopped by the cops deployed ahead. Running away from the cops certainly means that you have done something wrong.

Even the government is taking steps to streamline the process of issuing fines and challans. Most police officers simply click a picture of the violation and send the challan online. It is a much bigger crime to run away from the police officers when asked to stop for any reason.

If you feel that you have been issued a fine wrongly, you can always contest that in court or by complaining to senior police officers. Yes, that’s a long process but it is the legal way of doing things in India.