Mumbai mayor’s Toyota Innova BUSTED for wrong parking: Escapes Rs. 10,000 fine

Illegal parking is a major menace in the city areas. It adds to the overall congestion and makes everything quite difficult for road users. Mumbai is one of the most congested cities in India and the city traffic police have introduced new fines to ensure that the residents follow the rules because of high parking fines. Mumbai’s Mayor, Vishwanath Mahadeshwar’s official vehicle, which is a Toyota Innova Crysta was found parked illegally on a public road on Vile Parle and the police have issued an e-challan to the mayor.

Innova Crsta

The Shiv Sena leader and mayor of the city, Mahadeshwar on a visit. On his way to Kolldonggari area in Vile Parle, the mayor stopped at a popular coastal fish food joint. He parked his vehicle right outside the restaurant, just below the no-parking board. Since this is a narrow stretch of road between Andheri and Vile Parle, Mumbai Police declared it as a no parking zone. However, he will not get the recently introduced Rs 10,000 fine and will escape with a regular fine. Why? Well, because the area where he parked does not have any public parking lot within the radius of 500 meters. This is a rule that the Mumbai Police follows when enforcing the new parking charges, which can range between Rs 11,000 to Rs 23,250 depending on the size of the vehicle and duration of the vehicle parked at Mumbai Police yards. In all likeliness, the Mayor will pay a maximum of Rs 100 for the wrong parking.

Recently, the Mumbai Police started towing away the illegally parked fines and issued a heavy fine under the new rules to the car owners. The new move has proved to be quite successful in decongesting the city roads. It should be noted that the owners of wrongly parked vehicles need to pay the fine amount on the same day at the citizen’ facilitation centres before 8 PM on the same day, else the fine amount keeps on increasing depending on the time spent by the vehicle at the parking lot.

Ram Kumar

Mahadeshwar accepted the fine and said that they got off the vehicle to enter the restaurant and was not aware of the place where his driver parked for the duration. He also added that every citizen is should follow the rules and being a mayor is not an exception. Mahadeshwar said that he will instruct his staff drivers to follow all the traffic rules and park at only designated places.

Mumbai Traffic Police has launched the massive drive against the wrongly parked vehicles in the city. This will create awareness in the road users and will also allow decongesting the city. Mumbai currently has one of the highest illegal parking fees in the Indian market.