Mumbai police arrests biker in 2019, for stunting on a KTM Duke in 2017 [Video]

Traffic violations and ignorance of other road safety rules are pretty common in our country. Despite a lot of efforts by the police, government, NGOs and media houses to spread awareness about the same, the condition has not improved much. The laws regarding traffic violations and similar offences have been updated with an increment in the fines and punishment for the same. Now, however, police in Mumbai (Bandra in this case) is working to tighten the leash upon those who are regular offenders of road safety rules. They recently arrested 24-year-old Adnan Shaikh, a Mumbai based Tik Tok artist, after watching a video of him performing stunts on his bike at Bandra Reclamation according to a report by Hindustan Times. The interesting part here is that the original clip of the video over which the arrest was made is said to be shot back in 2017.

The video above by Neamatpur Technical shows Adnan performing stunts on a KTM 200 Duke. This video is a compilation of his stunts which he performed on public roads without any sort of safety gear on him. The matter came under the scanner of police only recently when the video was getting popular on social media. After seeing the video, an FIR was lodged by the Bandra traffic division against the rider, who at that point of time was not known.

According to the police, the case was handed over to a Sub-inspector who had previous experience in such cases. The Sub-inspector, Bhimsen Gaikwad, then traced the guy in the video to be Adnan Shaikh and got his residential location. The police then nabbed him from Dharavi where he lived with the help of other police officers. At the time when the arrest was made, Adnan was allegedly unaware that an FIR had been registered against him. Accordig to the HT report, a police source revealed that during interrogation, Shaikh told the police that the current video was circulated after he denied an interview to a local reporter.

Mumbai police arrests biker in 2019, for stunting on a KTM Duke in 2017 [Video]

Talking about the case, Police said that the videos were setting a wrong precedent for youngsters. A case under section 279 (punishment for rash driving) and 336(punishment for an act of endangering life and personal safety of others) has been registered at the Bandra police station against Adnan Shaikh. According to another report, it took the police around 3 hours to identify the person in the video and get all his details. They are currently investigating as to when the video was shot and further action will be taken accordingly.

As seen in the video above, Adnan rode mostly KTM Duke series bikes and the original video clip over which the case was registered is said to be from 2017. In one of the clips of the video above, Adnan is seen pulling a wheelie on an active road with incoming traffic without even a helmet. A lot of videos has surfaced on the internet of late which show him performing similar stunts on public roads without any safety gear.

Performing stunts and riding enthusiastically is not prohibited by the law. However, the law restricts doing any such activity on public roads and moreover, ride without a helmet. If you are interested in pushing a bike to its limits and performing stunts, find a secluded spot or a closed-off section of any road. It may be a bit hard to find and maybe a bit on the outskirts of the city but the effort will be worth it. This way, you will not endanger any other life while being in your sport and will have more freedom to perform stunts. Also, never forget to wear proper safety gear when doing such stuff.