Mumbai Police books Barbie-theme KTM rider for stunting on public roads

Mumbai Police has booked two men that were performing a stunt on public roads. The men posted a short clip on the internet through which police found them. The police shared the video on their Twitter account. Both men have been booked under 279 of IPC & MVA sections for dangerous & rash driving. The license of both men has also been cancelled. The video was shared online by Mumbai Police to educate the general public.

The post by Mumbai Police said,”Attention barbie girl, it’s the real world Life isn’t plastic- safety’s fantastic!” the police department reminded viewers. They added that both the accused have been booked under section 279 of IPC and MVA sections for dangerous and rash driving. License suspended too!”

The video was shared on Twitter on 12th August and it already has more than 20,000 views. Police used the term “barbie girl” in the video because the KTM used in the video was modified quite a bit. It was finished in baby pink colour with barbie stickers on it. The video itself looks like it is recorded on another motorcycle.

Mumbai Police books Barbie-theme KTM rider for stunting on public roads

We can see that both men are not wearing helmets and the faces have been blurred out to protect the identity. The rider is lip-syncing to a dialogue. The part of the stunt was that the pillion pretends to stab the rider and jumps off the moving motorcycle. Then the rider pretends to get hurt and pretending to have a fall.

Both men have been booked under section 279 of IPC & MVA sections for dangerous & rash driving. The Mumbai Police has also cancelled the driving license of both persons. The rider was also about to hit a pedestrian who was walking down the same side of the road. It is not known if the person filming the video has also been fined or not.

Stunting on public roads is illegal and dangerous

The men were not only stunting on public roads but also they were not wearing helmets. It is highly likely that stunting ends up in an accident even if it is a minor one. Not wearing a helmet makes your head vulnerable to injuries.

Stunting also is a distraction to other motorists. So, they could end up in an accident because they were not concentrating on the road. Cops are now very active in finding the accused, they track down the persons breaking the law from the video itself. Now, everyone has a smartphone which means everyone has an access to a camera. The police itself has set up a lot of CCTV cameras in various parts of cities. The cameras not only help in monitoring the traffic but also help in catching crimes. The challans are also now sent online.

Modification is illegal too

It is important to note that modification of vehicles is illegal in India. There can be no structural changes to the body of the vehicle. Modified vehicles are only allowed to run on private properties like farmhouses or race tracks.