Mumbai Police catches the Maruti Swift that ran away with a barricade

State Police units have taken to public forums and social media websites to warn and alert the citizens about doing an illegal activity and getting away with it. A few weeks back, a video showing a Maruti Suzuki Swift running away with a barricade stuck to its front, had become viral. The video was reportedly shot at a toll booth in Maharashtra and showed how the hatchback was speeding away with the bright yellow coloured barricade.

Mumbai Police has tweeted about the incident on the social networking platform Twitter and has also said that the driver was caught. The police have said that it was an attempt to evade the toll. The incident happened on 21st April and the cops were informed about it on 28th April. The police unit has tweeted that after a thorough investigation, the miscreant has been traced, booked and handed over to the Navi Mumbai Police. The tweet also reminds the citizens that it is difficult to escape from the law for a long time.

Police forces of many cities including Mumbai have started using CCTV cameras to closely follow the traffic movements and track activities. It is possible that the cops have used the footage from the CCTV cameras to track down the vehicle and its owner. Most toll barriers across India have CCTV cameras installed to catch any wrong activity. It is the easiest way to find the details of any vehicle and track it down.

Mumbai Police catches the Maruti Swift that ran away with a barricade

The act was quite dangerous and could have ended up in an accident. Such barriers are made up of plastic and are filled with water or sand to make them heavier. It seems that this barrier was an empty one, which makes it extremely easy to move around. The barrier could have flown out and hit cars coming from behind. It was quite possible for the barrier to slip under the vehicle and make it go out of control. Nevertheless, no such incidents happened and the Swift driver was safe by the end of the day. However, the Mumbai police have made sure that the driver is booked and brought to justice.