Mumbai police cancels 2,000 driving licenses of those who have not paid e-challan fines

Mumbai Police has decided that it will start cancelling the driving license of the defaulters soon. The police will shortlist people who have three or more e-challans and will cancel the driving license of such people. Mumbai Police has cancelled more than 2,000 licenses of the defaulters till now. The defaulters will get calls from the dedicated call centres to pay e-challans before the driving license is revoked.

Mumbai police cancels 2,000 driving licenses of those who have not paid e-challan fines
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The step has been taken to increase the recovery rate of the existing pending e-challans. The traffic police department has come out with three methods. It is already in place from Thursday. The cops will first make calls to the defaults asking them to make the payment. If that does not works, the license will be cancelled permanently. Mumbai Police will not give up the challan amount yet. They will also send a police officer to the registered address of the defaulters to collect the fines. The fine can be paid in cash or card. Mumbai Police has said that all the officers who will be on the collection duty are advised to behave with civility.

Currently, the recovery rate of e-challan is between 30 to 50 percent. That recovery rate will improve in the next six months as per the projections made by Mumbai Police. Most of the defaulters in Maharashtra were private car drivers or two-wheeler owners. While the maximum recorded fines were issued for jumping signals, speeding and illegal parking.

Most state police departments across India have started issuing e-challans in India. This is because e-challans is much more effective and is efficient. E-Challans are currently being promoted since the cops put a lot of effort to stop the vehicles to issue a challan. In the past, many cops have got injured trying to stop vehicles. Several incidents also show car drivers not stopping even after cops waving them down. In a few cases, cars have crashed into police officials and have even carried them for a long distance.

Cops now use devices to click the picture of an offence like illegal parking or zebra crossing violation. The fine is then automatically sent to the registered mobile number of the offender. Cops have even started using speed detecting cameras that sense the speed and automatically send the challan to the offender directly. Other than that, many forces have stared using automated speed detecting cameras too. With the rising strictness on the road, it is likely that more people will start to follow the traffic rules in the future. It is not known if the cops will reinstate the driving license of the offenders once they pay the fine. If not, they will have to apply for a fresh driving license according to the rules. It is always a good idea to put your vehicle’s registration number online to check if there are any pending challans.