Mumbai Police to seize vehicles of media houses who chase celebrities

With the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB)  summoning Bollywood celebrities for questions, the media houses are trying to get their hands on every little coverage on the situations. Since most of these celebrities are not talking to the media, videos of journalists chasing their cars dangerously on the roads have become viral. Now Mumbai Police has said that any media vehicle doing such activity will be seized.

The statement comes from DCP (Zone 1 ) Sangram Singh Nishandar who said that several media vehicles have been spotted chasing cars of other people who have been called for NCB inquiry. He further warned that the police are keeping a close eye on such activities and they will take action against the drivers of these vehicles who chase other cars on the roads.

Mumbai Police to seize vehicles of media houses who chase celebrities

There are numerous videos that have been aired live showing these journalists chasing the vehicles of different personalities. In the past, we have already seen them chasing cars of Rhea Chakraborty, Deepika Padukone, Sara Alo Khan, Shraddha Kapoor and several others. The video footage shows journalists asking their drivers to drive faster and follow the cars while reporting live. In a few situations, the journalists have even tried asking questions to the celebrities while both the cars were moving.

Such driving and chasing on the public roads is illegal and it can turn out to be extremely dangerous. Police can issue a hefty fine for dangerous driving on the roads but since the DCP has warned that the vehicles involved in such activities will be seized, we hope we do not get to see such dangerous driving on the public roads.

Sangram Singh Nishandar warned the media personnel after they chased Deepika Padukone for the NCB inquiry. Several vehicles followed the Hyundai Creta, in which Deepika arrived. He said,

“Today we have observed a lot of media vehicles chasing people who were called for the inquiry. The vehicles will be seized because they are endangering their lives as well as lives of whoever was called & common people: Sangram Singh Nishandar, DCP Zone 1, Mumbai Police.”
Any vehicle chasing like this can go out of control and hit others on the road. While the media houses are yet to react to the statement made by Sangram Singh, we do not think that such warnings will deter them from repeating such dangerous acts on the road. This is a new trend that we have seen in recent times as before this, most media personnel used to wait for the people to arrive to take the interview or ask questions.
Shantonil Nag

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