Mumbai police official enjoys riding a Suzuki Hayabusa superbike on public roads [Video]

We have noticed in the past that the Indian cops, just like everyone else love big bikes. There have been many instances where the cops take litre-class bikes for rides when they stop motorists for regular checking. Well, here is one more video from Maharashtra that shows police personnel enjoying riding a Suzuki Hayabusa on the public roads.

The video by CS12 Vlogs shows a police officer on duty riding a red Suzuki Hayabusa. The incident happened near the Sea Link in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The cop enters the video while atop the Hayabusa alone. He rides it slow and nice and stops at a U-Turn where the barricades blocked it. The cop asked for help. Someone who was also shooting the video of the cop came to the spot and removed the barricade so that the cop could take the U-Turn and return to the real owner of the bike.

While there are no details on the incidents and there is no information on the owner of the bike, it looks like the cop stopped a rider for regular checking. He then must have asked the owner of the bike for a short ride and then the cop took it around for a short spin.

Mumbai police official enjoys riding a Suzuki Hayabusa superbike on public roads [Video]

This is not an isolated incident. There are numerous cops just like us civilians who become quite intrigued by big displacement motorcycles. And since the Hayabusa is the most easily recognisable expensive motorcycle in India, there are many who want to ride it around and even own it. The Hayabusa definitely has a cult following in India, especially after the release of the movie – Dhoom. Apart from the Hayabusa, almost all the superbikes and performance machines get major attention on the road and that’s why the cops also notice them more than the other mass-segment vehicles.

Cops have done it before

When it comes to big displacement bikes, the cops have done the same in the past. There was an instance when a cop took the Ducati Diavel for a ride around the corner after asking the price of the bike and its power. It is not uncommon. However, how will you deal with it if a cop asks your bike for a short ride.

We know that motorcycles or any vehicle is very dear to the enthusiasts and lending it to someone needs courage. However, what do you do when the cop asks about the motorcycle and is purely amazed by it? It can be quite a challenge for someone who has never ridden such a powerful bike in the past to control it. However, all the cops who have done such a thing ensure that they ride it slow and never test the extreme capabilities of the bike. Have you ever been in such a situation? Do tell us about your experience and how you handled the situation in the comments below.